Monday, December 6, 2010

Transfer to Mesopotamia, San Juan

Hey Family how are you all doing?!
Im doing great. ANother month has flown by. First things first im getting tranferred again!! I am going to San Juan to be with Elder Morgan!! I am very excited. They say its more mountainy and cooler. I dont really want it to be any cooler because I can hardly sleep at night right now because its freezing!! I dont have any blanket so that makes it harder. I sleep in my jeans (finally the have some use) with socks and the ASU beenie that Elder Kleiners parents sent me. (Im ashamed to say that I wear anything with that dumb schools name on it. I cant believe U of A lost to them. Thats why when you're the better team you shouldnt play bad schools because the 1 in 100 times that they beat you it makes you look bad)
This week was good. We had some good citas and stuff but not very many people went to church. Im leaving some baptisms that we're going to have next saturday but thats all good. Tonight were going to eat in a menos activos house named Rosa. Shes WAY rich and always cooks good food and then after im going to buy a Chimi (like a hamberger) before I leave because the a guy makes a really good one by our house.
Today we played ball out in Sabana Yegua with Elder Urry and Elder LeCheminant. We murdered all the Dominicans. They made us change the teams after several games because we were beating them so bad. Elder Urry says Im in trouble because his mom read about him flying into the river on my blog. Im giong to miss him and Lechiminant. Theyre both great missionaries.
Saturday there was an activity in the church and I was put in charge of making pop corn. Long story short I got kicked out of my position very quickly because I almost got the church on fire. I was trying to move the pot over with a paper towel and somehow it caught on fire and i threw it in the sink and put water in it. Good thing they teach us in school how to put out fires.
Im turning into mom. I lose everything. My agenda and a birth certificate are lost from me right now. The birth certificate is from one of the ladies that is going to get married in order to get baptised. Good thing Im leaving because I didnt want to tell her that I lost it. Good luck Elder Kleiner.
We had a lady that was progressing but told us she didnt want to get married to get baptised becasue her husband has over 42 woman in his life. Shes tired of beating up all off the women her husband is with. (she proceded to tell us all this right after the joseph smith story. she didnt even comment on the first vision just went straight to tell us how shes knocked out atleast 5 of the women. They fell right to the floor after she hit them!!)
I didnt get to watch the Christmas Devotional. I was thinking that you guys were probably at Zane and Suzys last night watching it but sounds like you didnt go!!!
I like what you said, mom, and its so true. All the "trials" he sends us basically always turn out to be tender mercies. Ive seen that a lot. Its hard to trust sometimes but he always knows whats best.

I love Bishop Bishop. I should write him sometime. I loved our interviews talking about baseball and everyting. Def a goof but a great man.
Tell Chani to shoot it everytime he gets it. that was my motto. you cant make it unless you shoot it.

Tell denny to just get through the MTC. Just tell him to get through the MTC and give the field a chance and to pray hard. The mission is hard. Thats what it is but if he gives up he will regret it for his whole life. tell him to think about his little boy he will have in 5 years and if he wants to be able to tell that boy that he served the Lord or if we wants to tell him he only give it 2 weeks and gave up. The mission is the hardest thing ive ever done. Im not going to tell him it will be easy but it will be worth it. Tell him to read the story of Jesus's life in the new testament especially for me in John and he will realize how hard Jesus's mission was and it will make Dennys seem alot easier. Think of all he went through.

The first part of my mission was really hard but when i got with espinola and started to work work and work then everything went away. Sometimes i still miss home a lot but thats only sometimes at lunch where theres just a little down time but when you're out working you dont have time to think about that.

Well thats all from this week. It was really great. Suposively mail is coming this week (or atleast it usually does in the first week of the transfer) so hopefully your packages will come. I love you all soo much and am so grateful for all you doo!!! Until next week
Elder Wilson

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