Monday, November 29, 2010


Hey Family how are you doing

It was a good week. A very thankful week. I forgot it was thanksgiving until I looked at the Calender and it said Thanksgiving. We got a call from the ZL{s saying that mail had come so we went and picked it up. I had a card from meagan, elder kleiners mom, dearie, and brindy. Thanks for everthing definently made thanksgiving even more thankliscious.

This week we taught a lesson with a woman named Claudia. The Spirit was def strong and testifying. She has 2 kids but not married to her husband. Her husband has several wifes and we had to teach of the importance of the law of chasity. After the lesson I was thinking what in the world am I doing as a 20 year old kid teachin a 35 year old woman the importance of marriage and a family. But then I realised its not me thats teaching. Were doing the work of the Lord and it is He that is testifying and were just His instruments.

This week there were several random only in the mission stories. We walked in to do a lesson and theres this guy who supposively has 115 years old and his legs were skinnier than my wrists and they asked me to give him a pray and so we went in his room and did a normal prayer and then we taught the lesson and when we asked if we could return the old man almost died but used all of his strength to say tell them to come back! then the proceded to change his diaper pad. I thought meagan might enhoy the story.

We had district conference yesterday and Sabana Yegua was there and I saw all of my old friends!! that was a ton of fun. Two of them are preparing to leave on the mission soon. I t was so great. Only a few were missing. I really love the people from there and want so badly to visit them again. My heart is def with them.

Yesterday we met two amazing old women. Number one- Contacting and lady yells who is it. we say the missionaries. She says who??? we say the missionaries. We heear the door being unlachted and she opens the door fast and hacks a huge loogie. I had to jump out of the way so it didnt land on my shoe. We werent able to finish the contact beveause we were laugh so hard. Number two- about 90 years old. Claims to have flown to Heaven and back on a little Dove. She told us the whole story and added sound affects and said that the milk in Heaven is better that the milk here on Earth. It was a very successful day.. hahaha

The work is going well. We have lots of fechas and are activating several inactive families. I love what I do and I am grateful for this chance to do the Lords will. I miss you all at home but I know that I will see you all again! love you soo much
Elder Wilson

PS If anyones sending anything for Christmas send it sooner than later because in the campo we dont get mail very often!!!
PPS will you add that if people send letters to send them to the package address because i havent gotten pouch in a long time. i dont know if its discontinued or what

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