Monday, November 22, 2010


Current contacting area

Campo de Azua view from a hill in area

Azua area view

Dominos w/ Counselor in Branch

Elders Urry, His Greenie, Kleiner, Wilson

Elders Kleiner and Wilson

Las Yayitas

Elders Urry and Wilson

Mean nurse

Dinner and dominos @ Branch Pres' home

Hey family how are you. another great week here. This week flew by. Marens fired and Jake too. Ever since she got engaged shes too cool to write me!!!
This week went well. Finally seeing success. I never thought it would be so hard to get white washed in but it was def tought because they didnt leave us any investigators. But now we have several baptismal dates and several other kids whose family are members.
Yesterday we spent more than an hour walking aroudn from one side of town to the other trying to get investigators to go to church but they all had excuses and we were pretty depressed but little by little random investigators who we never thought would show ended up coming. It was very cool.
On Tues Elder Kleiner got bit by a dog. hahah that was the highlight of the week!!! It was like 830 and we had to go to the hospital to get a shot for him. They didnt have the shot so we had to wait til the next day. the next day it wasnt opened until 2. Long story short we spent a lot of time in the hospital. It was more like a prision than a hospital. With guards and everything.
Another highlight was when a woman asked if I was dominican. That was a cool compliment. She said I was speaking really well. Made me feel good haha i asked her if she had met many white dominicans and she said no never and I said theres always firsts.
While waiting for Elder Kleiners clinic thing to open up we went to the park to get our shoes shined. The kid that shined them was really cool. We started talking to him and asking about life. He wasnt complaining at all just answering our questions. This is how his life goes. (hes eight years old)
His dad died one month ago. His mom has to stay at home with his sister that has some sort of disease. As an eight year old he lives in a house alone in the campo watching after several chickens. He makes about 50 pesos (a little more than a dollar) on an average day. That day he didnt go to school because there was no money and the chickens needed food. What ever money is left over he gives to his mom to cook for the family in there other house. Idk words dont discribe it but Elder Kleiner and I left def feeling ungrateful for all we have. This kid wasnt complain and just told us as if it were life. He wouldnt have even told us but wow idk. Just makes me feel so idk how to explain it but when ever anyone thinks there life is hard because they cant buy the newest xbox game or the hottest clothes think about some kid ditching school to make money to feed the chickens because if the chickens die then his family wont have food. Def made me rethink my attitude.
We had another family that the husband wanted to get baptised but the wife doesnt want to get married. After 40 years they still dont know each other well enough.
Sunday I had to give a talk in church. I went up without any notes. Read a lot and prepared in my mind but had faith that Heavenly Father would provide me with what I needed to say. It was pretty cool. I tihnk it went really well. Def a great week.
Today we went to a river and took some pictures. Im sending some home. It was a little hike but fun to get out. Elder Urry was swing on a vine and taking pictures. After the first try the other two missionaries went and then elder urry said ok our lucky has run out we should prob stop. Then elder kleiner said one more so we can take a video. So Elder Urry runs, jumps, and swings out and on the upswing the vine broke. ELder Urry flying through the air about 15 feet up and lands in the river. Luckily there were no rocks where he landed and he was ok but it couldnt been bad. It was hilarious though.
The work is going great and I love it. I love serving the Lord. It is hard sometimes but theres always little moments that make it worth it. Moments when the Spirit is strong and reassures you that you are doing whats right. I love you all sooo much and miss you but we will tlak in a month or so!!

love you lots

elder wilson


  1. Looks like the counselor in the branch presidency has played games with Seth before...... He appears to be checking to see if Seth is cheating at Dominos......

  2. Some great pictures. Looks like Seth is doing well. I just read my Nephews blog (Hayden Summers), and he is currently in the MTC in route to Argentina. He said there are several people in his group that are heading to the DR within a few weeks. He didn't list their names, but that would be pretty cool if one of them happened to end up with Seth.