Monday, November 1, 2010

What are those blank pages in the agenda used for, anyway? Azua w/ Elder Kleiner

Hey Family how are you all doing. Im doing good. First week back in
Azua. It was really good. Ive already seen to of my baptisms from
SY. That was lots of fun but they also told me the Joselitos (the
baptism i had with the long hair) is already inactive and his
girlfriend is pregnant. Idk why but that hit me really hard and made
me pretty sad.
Im in Pueblo Arriba of Azua. Its the most western part of Azua. It
is a branch and they called a new branch pres yesterday. He is a
great man and i really look forward to working with him. Our
appartment is nice but smaller than the old one we had. Its a lot
cleaner though. We had to clean it out pretty good from the old
missionaries that were living here. Its just me and Kleiner. The old
elders didnt leave us with anything so were basically walking blindly
but were learning as we go. We did lots of contacts to get to know
new people. It was a good week. It was nice to finalyl go shopping
again. Elder Kleiner and I are trying to start cooking mroe in the
house. I love the kid. Hes great. His spanish is coming along
quickly and hes got a great heart. I hope that we last another
together after this transfer too. His parents should be proud of him
and for the kid he is. Hes got his head on straight and is a great
Oh and b4 I get. Brother Brown sent me keatos letters and tell him
that if keato has another emergancy that he can avoid digging through
the trash if he would just use his agenda. Why else to the put so
many blank pages in the agenda?!?! I use it all the time when the TP
is gone.
I havent heard of tomas or whatever it is until your email but people
in the internet center are talking about it right now. that would be
pretty cool if it came through here. we will have to see.
I got tatum crouches invitation and told all the missionaries that it
was my girlfriend sending me a dear john haha they all believed me
until Elder Urry saw it and was like no thats your cousin i know her!
Haha maybe the real one will come with more time. Ill try it again
when i get marens to see if they fall for it again.
I didnt realize how dirty haina really is until i got here. I
remember getting to azua and thinking it was dirty when i was born in
the mission but now it looks clean as can be compared to Haina. Its
hard to explain without living there but wow Haina is really dirty.
This week I had a first. For the first night in my whole mission i
slept without a fan and was able to sleep!!! It was a little cool a
couple of nights ago.
I cant really think of anythin else to new. I sent out several
letters this week. I hope that they make it home. One for the
Browns, Grandma, Karlie, Maren, Mom, Dad, (fud and duds is coming),
Jessie, and Haley. I hope they make it. If not know that I wrote
them and write me back one way or another!!!!!! Bro Brown is my only
true fan outside the family hahah.. Im also sending one for Papa so
if you could forward it to him when it gets to the house that would be
I cant believe my hump day is this week. Def mixed feelings. I love
this work and the knowledge I have of my loving Savior. I want all to
come until Him. Its the only true security. I love Him. I love you
all very much and Im so grateful for your love and support.
Love you all lots.
Elder Wilson

note from Seth's Dad:
Seth is craving letters. Use the address on the top of the blog. Thanks!

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  1. What?? Bro Brown is your only fan?? We love you and think of you all the time, but we have not been good about sending you letters. Sorry!:( They'll come... like Hogwarts letters in the 1st Harry Potter... Just wait!