Monday, November 8, 2010

Walk toward the light. Watch for the dead fly, though...

Hey family how are you?! Im doing great. Im loving life. Cant complain. We had lots of rain in the past week. Well thursday friday and sat. Friday was so bad that we couldnt go out. Thursday i celebrated my one year in Dominican style- getting soaked and eating fried chicken with yuka and a dead fly on top. Thursday night I burned my shirt and we ate chimis. It was a good day. (i also sent a pic of Elder Urry and his Kid. hes the one that knows Tatum and is from my group. Hes in Sabana Yegua right now)
On Wed we had an intercambio. We were with elder Kirchman from Padre Las Casas. President sent them down because of Tomas but they ended up going back the next day. One of the pictures is of our sleep over. Three of us in two beds wasnt so comfortable. But the storm didnt really hit us. Lots of rain and flooding but nothing too serious. They say that San Juan got the worst.
The missionary work this week was a little slow with the storm and all. We didnt have any investigators in church which, besides in Tamayo, is the first time in my mission so that was a downer but this week is a new week.
Elder Kleiner and i cooked a little bit but wasnt too much of a success. i cooked mac and cheese with salamy and rice but it made him sick so we havent cooked to much more. He made some good tacos yesterday. The apartment is great. has some cockroaches but they all do so cant complain. Not bucket showers but this week i took several because with the rain and storms it made the water soooo COLDDD. sometimes bucket flushes if the toilet cant take what i leave in it.......... We have a washer but a dryer?!!?!?! I dont even know what a dryer is. Never seen one since i left the CCM. We have something that spins the clothes really fast to get water out and after we hack it up. THe washer is like a tub that turns in a circle...then stops.. then turns the other way... then stops... so on. not really even a washer.

The branch is great. There is lots of youth. About 110 members everyweek. They have new leader ship and were excited to work with them. Were thinking of hosting a basketball tourneyment as an activity and if who ever loses has to go to church. i dont think theres anyone that could beat us. I dont play the piano because everyone sings hymns in there own way here. They cant follow a piano haha.
This week there was a weird lighrt on the wall while we were about to go to bed. We thought it was a weird bug or something and we spent about 5 min scared to touch it. finally i touched in and we realized it was the light from our neighbors house that was shining through a little hole.

Tomorrow we have conference with pres here in Azua so should get mail. Then on Thursday were going to his house in the Capital for Christmas dinner. Im kinda excited cuz ive never been to his house. We will have interviews with him there.
Well that is my week in a nut shell. I love you all so much and im grateful for your love and support. keep it all up im grateful for all you do. Until next week!!! Love you all lots

I like how you decided to use high lights so that i can be sure to answer them. Ok street is san miguel. there is a big baseball field right behind it. theres no really dirrections to anywhere here and theres no streets signs. the church is on the next street over. 27 de febrero. other than that i dont know how to explain.

i def agree with brayden the hardest part is with comps but at the same time one of the hardest things is to keep your self close to God when times are easy. for example. in 911 everyone loved God and got close to Him but a month later when everything was good again everyone forgot about Him. When theres no problems with comps and times are easy is when you really have to try to keep that relationship as strong as it can be with Him. idk if i explain myself well or no.

im super dooper excited for the flashlight. ill def have to give you a users review. haha I lovey ou and your flash lights and always thinking about me no matter what your doing, even buying flashlights.

that class sounds interesting id like to learn more about that. i def have changed my thoughts in the mission. Thanks to the experiences ive had on my mission ive realized its not worth it. i get so many chances eevryday to lose my temper or to get upset with stupid people. ife is to short to be grumpy or to get uspet over little things. id say that that is the biggest change that ive had in the last yr. i dont get frustrated nor upset nor grumpy anymore. its not worth it. like u said is it really worth it to kill my brain over this. itsfunny you said to jsut take a break... i was thinking to do because everyone always has earphones in there ears. why dont people just walk and think or soemthing why dont we just put everything down for a minute and think about life and realize all we do have and not what we dont have (feel free to put whgatever you want on the blog or share with family too) you have that scriptured marked as ur fav in my scriptures. ive read it multiple times (Doctrine and Covenants Section 59: 23,24)

23 But learn that he who doeth the works of righteousness shall receive his reward, even peace in this world, and eternal life in the world to come.
24 I, the Lord, have spoken it, and the Spirit beareth record. Amen.

i wrote mom with several ideas for the box. Im def spoiled but packages def do make my days and weeks so im not going to argue!!!

i love you soo much pops. I really do. Did you have any luck with pima or MCC. I know more now than ever that i wanna be close to home. Heavenly Father Really helped me feel calm about the decision in this last week and my worries have completely left. I love you lots

cant wait to spend time with you all and share ourlives together


  1. Seth, you make me cry. But in a good way! You're doing a great thing, and we're proud of you.

    Who is this Hannah girl with the cooties? :)

  2. Seth,

    Keep up the good work! We love following your blog. Next time you burn a shirt you need to break out the Hot Dog stick!