Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh Holy Night

Birthday/Christmas cake. They celebrate all birthdays that haven't had cake since their B-Day

Azua Zone? (Don't know if the iguana got cake... Pres Almonte collects iguanas, I think... Tim)

Dominoes w/ Sis Almonte, Pres Almonte's wife

Proselyting in the DR

Hammock street vendor

Hey Family how are you all doing. Life is going great here. Def a harder week but life is still amazing. I was talking with a member here about how if everyone would just coutn there blessings and not what they dont have life would be a lot easier. This week had a lot of rejections and we didnt have much success. no one went to church and we went looking for all of our investigators but none of them could go but last night as the week was coming to a close, we went and had an appointment with an inactive man and his wife. They live on the poor end of town and there house isnt even big enough for us to enter so we sat outside under the stars. The lesson was amazing and the spirit was strong and I got teary eye and said a pray thanking Heavenly Father for giving me this tender mercy. All the stuggles and challenges of the week seemed worth it just to have the one experience. Testifying of the restaration I was reminded of my purpose as a missionary and reminded of the strong testimony I have been blessed with. The man committed to go back to church and the woman to be baptized. Were already planning there wedding so that she can get baptized. After so much failure Heavenly Father helped us to feel His love and it was amazing.
On tues we had conference with pres and it was good. We learned a lot and I got some more letters from Bro Brown and one from Keato celebrating my year mark and yes keato that stupid glitter got all over. I also got one from Dearie and another one from Zane that was send 2 motnhs ago but was very appreciated. Thanks a bunch uncle/president zane/kartchner. After the conference I had an intercambio with Elder Garcia and elder Santos. It was good. We did some good work. Then on Wed I was back in my area in another trio with elder kirchman. It was fun then we woke up early on Thursday and went to the capital. The elder i was sitting by threw up like 7 times and i thought i was going to have to follow him. It was bad.
But things at President's house were good. We had interviews and ate a bunch of food and played dominos and took pictures. It was lots of fun. We got weight and blood pressure. im still a solid 205. AFter lunch we got back on a crowded bus back to azua. I was def ready to be done with busses by the end of the day.
Life is good here. Were praying for more success and have faith that we will find it. We will continue doing all that we can. I really like DC 101:8 amd its soo true. Ive been stuggling a little lately because we havent had much success but Ive realized that its been a blessing because Ive been able to try and rely on the Lord more.

I love the campo but it has its ups and downs. People always say yes to share with them but most times arent there when you come back. Theres an anti mormon video that the main church here put out so that is making it a little harder. we lost several good investigators to it. Were doing great here. I love my comp.

Tell elder day that i still dont understand dominican spanish and it still frustrates me. Somedays i can not get one anyone is saying. they talk sooo bad hahaha i dont think ill ever be able to understand everything.

Thats about all that is new from here. I love you all so much and I have the best family in the world!!! Love you
Elder Wilson
sooo internet guy knows english and i didnt know and was complaining about three extra pesos... he says "taxes"

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