Monday, October 25, 2010

Me voy pa azua. Its pueblo arriba in azua really close to sebana yegua. Im excited but azua is really hot!

I heard Elder Price is going to train Haley's friend, Elder Day.

Hey yall it was a good week. We worked hard and saw the blessings from it. We had a couple of Haitains that came to church with us. it was really fun. There are some pictures of the little kids. They are so stinking cute!!! One had 1 year and 7 months and I thought wow thats what mikayla will have when I got home!! that made me happyª He was runniong around everywhere.
On tuesday we had a missionary activity at a members house and a huge rat crawled up on the wall. Elder Kleiner and I looked at each other than back at the rat and then back at each other and we both started laughing. It was HUGE!! one of the kids saw it too and it was out of control!!! Elder Kleiner and I always start laughing if we see something funny and look at each other. Sometimes its bad timing though!! hahah
While doing contacts this week i got the closest ive ever been to the beach. WE were by the docks and for the first time in my mission I saw the ocean up close and personal!
Elder Kleiner and I bought some Christmas lights to celebrate. We will have to buy more in Azua too.
We had a really cool experience with the Haitains that we told you about. Weve ran into one of them like 7 times and he always stopps and talks with us but weve never really thought much of it. Then on Weds a guy stopped us and said he wanted to share from the Bible with us and to pass by later on. We said ok and when we went back that guy was there again. We shared a great message and it was really amazing. At the end they played an english cristian song. It went like Jesus loves me Jesus loves me Jesus. Idk all of us started singing the chorus everyime it came artound and it was just so cool. idk hard to explain. one of the moments that makes you feel like all the hard times are worth it. Just makes you feel so good. Theres so much to learn on the mission and im soo grateful for it. Although sometimes its hard and difficult it has helped me grow so much and to be able to see my perspective so much clearer. Idk everyone needs to do it. Tell all the young men to not waste their time and to start preparing. Its so amzing and nessessary. Youll never regret going but will regret not going.

I love you all so much and love this work., Im really excited to start working with Elder Kleiner in Azua and think it will be fun to see my first area again. I love you all so much and hope you all are great. You're in my heart and my prayers always and thanks for all you do. Glad to hear u of a is doing so well.
love you all lots. and hope all continues well. thanks for your love and support! Until next week cuidense mucho y les amo mas que mi vida!!!

elder wilson

ps add to the letter that elder kleiner and i whooped two guys in basketball in proselytes and were making a good dominos team too and beating natives in their own game. And ps mom i love you!

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  1. I can't believe he actually wore that hideous shirt I made him!!