Sunday, October 3, 2010

General Conference

I am Tim Wilson, Seth's dad. Twice per year, the entire Mormon World turns its attention to General Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. This weekend is the second conference of 2010. There are meetings on Saturday and Sunday. We are lucky enough in Tucson to have the local cable company, Comcast, broadcast Conference. Saturday evening is the Priesthood Session of Conference. That session is not broadcasted live on cable, so I took my nephew, Josh, to the church and we attended there. Josh's parents are in SLC and his dad and brother attended in person.

As we listened, one of the speakers, an Apostle, Russel M. Nelson, asked all of the full time missionaries to stand. Eight young men stood in the congregation that we attended. They all looked similar to Seth; young and healthy and they each had that radiant smile that we see in Seth's pictures from the Dominican Republic. There was also a wonderful choir of new missionaries from the Missionary Training Center in Provo where Seth started his mission. My thoughts went to him and I loved thinking that at that exact moment, he was standing in a building -hopefully one w/ A/C- somewhere in the Dominican Republic at the request of another witness and emmissary of Jesus Christ. Elder Nelson spoke about preparation to serve and the trials and growth that come from serving others instead of seeking comfort for self.

I know that there are those who read this blog who are not thoroughly acquainted with what we members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (The official name of the Church) know as The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some ask us how we could send our only son to such a distant and strange land for two years. I hope that as you have read his blog over the last year you will realize the development of his heart and soul as he has made the attempt, daily, to serve others: many of whom the Savior might describe as "The least of these, your brethren."

This metamorphasis is made possible for 19 year old young men in this unique and singular experience across the world and across generations. (I served in Nagoya, Japan 30 years ago.) We fully expect you will share and witness his further progress over the coming year.

I know Seth would have me invite you to discover what it is that is so important to him. You can watch the meeting I reference as well as many other messages from living apostles and prophets at these websites:

Thank you for supporting Seth.

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  1. At conference when they asked the missionaries to stand I was also thinking about Seth standing strong in a far away land. Way cool! I also imagined my own boys standing there someday. We love you Seth! Keep up the good work.