Monday, October 11, 2010

Tuna, anyone?

Hey family how are you_!_! ___ is question mark for today. Im doing good!!! First things first.. Leidy FINALLY ACCEPTED A BAPTISMAL FECHA for the 23... bad news... she called me a couple of hours ago and told me that she need to talk to us about it so i hope its not going to fall. so much for a stress free pday ive been kinda stressing it all day. we have more than three months working with her so I hope it doesnt fall through. pray for her and for the others. this week we should have 3 baptisms if all goes well. weve had a little trouble contacting one of our investigators but i hope all will go well.

the temple trip was great. i didnt know that president was going to come but he showed up and sat next to me. Def unexpected but was a cool experience sitting next to him during the session. we only did one session. it was neat because it has been so long and def helped me to rethink everything and get more motivated to do myt best again. it was in spanish so that was a cool experience. nope no inviews with president that day.

Friday we went back to the capi for the trainers meeting. usually he doesnt do that but he called a special one. it was great. helped me to realize so of the small changes that i need to make to be worthy of the spirit. a lot of times we make justifications for the little things and say were the exceptions but we arent. we need to be completely obedient to have the Spirit with us. I made a few changes and hope to continue to make more. i doubt ill still train haleys friend because he comes in in two weeks and i should still be with elder kleiner but who knows. im not ready to go yet. i love haina. but saying that will probably mean im going hahah.

Stories from the week. one of our rooms had been stinking badly. I thought that maybe elder kleiner had some bad reeks and he was thinking it was me but then i pickup one of the packets of tunas you sent and it looks like i had accidently cut in and there were maggets all over it!! it was discgusting and i didnt eat for a while. then on weds we went and helped cristian and fransisca, the blind couple, and there was rat poop all over there buckets. i was gagging thinkin of all the times i have eaten in their house. idk how im not sick.
Yesterday while we were walking some drunk guy came up begging for money and ran into me. and they yelled at us and i told him we cant give him money and he got pissed and backed up and started running at me again so i had to give him a pretty good forearm to the chest. took him by suprise and we took off. it was pretty funny. i think that is all for this week.

i love you all sooo much and im grateful for all you do for me. Thanks for everyones love and prayers.


elder wilson

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