Monday, January 17, 2011

Training again and getting to call for Maren and Jake's Wedding

Hey Yall how are you doing?!!?
ITs been a good week!!! It was good to talk to you all for a couple minutes the other day!!! (Pres Almonte gave Seth permision to call Maren at the temple while we were taking pictures. It was marvelous!!! Tim) I cant believe its finally over the big wedding!!! It was great to see some pictures!! I liked the secret agent shots you took pops :) Definently cut from the list if you know what I mean :).

So this week went by a little slow. My comp had an amoeba so on tuesday i ran around town turning in his poop samples and buying medicines and stuff like that. I had to take money out of home but they will pay me back in a couple of weeks. Another reason i took out money. so we were in the house on tuesday and wed and most of thursday. So i got a lot of studying done. I also had time to write some letters. Tell Heidi I sent one out from Prima for her. I cant remember if I already said that last week.

We had a baptism on sat. His name is Brallan. He is 11 but has been going to church for ever a year. He spends night kicking all the little kids out of the church building. Hes high source security. But the baptism was good. About 10 minutes long because everyone was late and there was another meeting that had to get started so it was really short.

Yesterday we had regional conference via satelite. For all the caribe. It was really good. There were some great talks and it was awesome. Presidente Uchtdorf and Elder Oaks talked and were both really good. I love this church and its leaders. I love hearing the words.

LAst night we got transfer calls. I am staying and I am going to train again!!! I am not sure the name of my kid but today I have to leave for the capital and I am going to stay in the office over night to be at the trainers meeting tomorrow. The other campanionship is getting white washed out and an Elder Lopez from chile is coming in and he will be trainer another american. She be pretty cool and Elder Lopez is bery obediente so everything she be just awesome!!

I am looking forward to seeing all the pics from the wedding and the reception but if I dont catch you all on this week I will catch you all next weeek!! I love you all so much and thanks for all you do and who you are!!!

Love you
Elder Wilson

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