Monday, January 24, 2011

Introducing.... Elder Dolan

Hey family how are you all doing?! Im doing great! Another good week!!
So monday I went to the capi and we just stay the whole day in the office. IT was really fun because there were all the missionaries that were leaving in the office and I had two really good friends there. Elder Yeip and Elder MArtin. We had lots of fun but imagine a bunch of elders going home, we def didnt get to bed on time and we had to wake up at 5 so I was pretty tired all Tuesday.
I got letters in the capital from Grandma and Grandpa- tell grandpa when I have money again im going to test my poop for him ;). It was a very nice letter thanks so much. Also got some from Karlie and Hermana Kusilek from my group in the MTC and from the browns. THanks everyone.

I went and picked up my kid on Tuesday. His name is Elder Dolan from Oregon. He is a good kid with lots of motivation to work. He really is awesome. We live with Elder Lopez from Chile who knows English and his kid Elder Haroldson. They are amazing. We are all working hard. After one week we can really see the difference in the missionary work here in Mesopotamia.

The members are excited to work again and are commenting on how blessed they are to have 4 good missionaries again!
Elder Dolan and I are really consentrating on just going on Faith. Putting everything in the Lord{s hands and we are seeing the fruits of it. We are meeting lots of people and really helping the members to realize their purpose in the missionary work. This week we have 5 baptisms planneda}. A mom and her four kids. Were pretty excited about that and praying that everything will go well!
I hope all is well there and know that I love you all so much and miss you all so much but I know Im doing what they Lord wants me to do!! Take care and have a good week! love you!!
Elder Wilson

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