Tuesday, April 5, 2011

National Anthem Work Stoppage

Hey family how are you doing?!?! I am doing marvelous. I little bit of a rough week but life goes on :) We got two families to conference so that makes it worth it :)

On Tues I went to the temple!!! IT was AMAZING!!! Wow going after having so much time that I havent gone made it so much more special. Elder Foster and I were just sitting there smiling not stop for the first several minutes, we were like two little kids on Christmas morning. I love that place.

On Weds we had a guy clean our yard and he was working while the national anthem was going so the took him to jail for an hour and stole his shovel so we had to go to the fort (across the street) to get it back for him. It was pretty funny but not so funny for him!!!

Dolan wants me to ask if Aubrey got our letter or not? Still nothing from Papa?

Solando and Rosa are doing great. Turns out that he was going to get baptised awhile back but hurrican george came through and wiped everything out, including where the church was so we stopped going but just goes to show everyone has their time because now he can get married with his wife and have a family in the church. On Thursday we was telling us how much he loved us and how grateful we was for us and that he would do anything to show us how grateful he was that we had brought him the message of the gospel but being so poor he couldnt do anything. Weve been teachingthem for over a month now and he has never pray with us. He always wants us to do the prayers but i told him that the only way he could show us how much he cared for us was if he say the closing prayer because that woulld mean more than anything in the world to me. he got a little teary eyed and this is how is pray went
"Heavenly Father, Jesus, and all the Angels in the Heavens,
I ask that you help us resolves all the problems that we can resolve ourselfs,
in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen"
It was short but sooo sooo sooo sincere. I think we all felt the Spirit. Elder Dolan and I were on a high after hearing that prayer. Walking home we were fist pumping the whole way.
On a lighter note one day while we were contacting i had to spit so i turned to spit and without looking a hauked a loogy and then i realised I had spit on someones underwear that was drying!!! WHOOPS and in a contacted I made Elder DOlan laugh so hard he couldnt complete the contact. The girl was evangelico and didnt think it was so funny that we were laughing but i thought it was funny.
WOW TELL EDGAR CONGRATS AND THAT HE NOW NEEDs TO GO ON A MISSION!!!!! To help others make the same decision he made.
I love you all sooo much!! I miss you soo much. I cant believe it was 17 months ago today that you left me at the airport!! Time flies.
Love you soo much.
ps i loved that talk about the difference between being and doing. If only we all did everything we claimed to be then the world would be so much better :)
Love you more than anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Wilson
ps thanks bro brown for always forwarding keatos email. I always atleast have one letter when mail comes :)


  1. Sorry to hear you had a bad week. It must be really hard sometimes. But you're doing some great things, and I'm sure a lot more good than you even know. And I know Solando and Rosa, and lots of others are grateful that you're there!

    As always, keep it up, we're proud of you! Just one bit of advice... Look before you spit. It's a good rule of thumb.

  2. I had Seth on my mind Friday night when I heard a talk about missionaries. The speaker referenced D&C 35:13. "I call upon the weak things of the world, those who are unlearned and despised, to thrash the nations by the power of my Spirit". So true! When missionaries leave they are weak, unlearned, and as teenages even despised by the world. Yet God puts them on his first string team in order to change the world. As I continue to read Seth's letters I think....it is amazing how the Lord chooses to use his servants. They go through what can seem like random experiences, but each experience teaches them something new while at the same time through the Spirit they are able to still thrash the nations changing peoples lives forever. About the time when they get comfortable with their surroudings it is time for them to come home to their next challenge, and the Lord brings in a new batch of trainees. I love to read his letters. Thanks for sharing!