Monday, April 18, 2011

Beach Bani

Hey Family how are you doing?!?! I am doing great here in Bani. There are a ton of rich people here. AFter walking around in dirt streets for so long its kinda weird being around so many rich people!!! There are mansion and craziness here. Of course there is still poorness but wow its really insane some of the houses. When we contacted last night I saw a normal kitchen for the first time in who knows long. The bad part is two months ago they closed down the burger king here in Bani so that is kinda a bummer.
On Tuesday was transfers. I came from San Juan to here by myself and that was kinda weird but kinda nice to be alone for a little bit. On the way here the movie fireproof was on. The one about marriage and all that. It was kinda cool to watch it in Spanish and be able to understand it all.
On Weds we have to go to the capital for the zone leader conference with Presidente Almonte. I had to give the spiritual thought and I think it went well and then after President decided that instead of him talking to us, the missionaries were going to teach the conference. Ofcourse, being my first time I got to be one of the ones that taught it. I think it all went really well.
It was a great week. Getting to know everyone and all that. Tomorrow we go to Azua to have the south mission conference. It will be fun to see Dolan and all that. I am going to send some letters back to San Juan with him.
Today for pday we went to the beach. We got up at 5 in the morning to get there by sunrise. It was my first time actaully going to the beach in 18 months here. It was beautiful. I absolutely loved it. On the way back I was grabbing a fruit off of a tree and a whasp didnt like that I was stealing his first and I saw him coming at me and tried to get out of the way but that little booger got me right in the eye. I was ticked. My eye swelled up a little and then went back down. THats about the most eventful story for the week!! hahah

Where exactly did you end up? I am in the Central of Bani by the central park but our area goes all the way to the beach. The area is HUGE!!!
I was super bummed when Elder Urry told me that we were supposed to be together. THat would have been soooo coool. He is an awesome kid.
What is the area like? Our area consists of really poor part and then an extremely wealthy area. Its huge and well thats about all I know for now.
What is your comp like? How has it been to come to an "white-washed" area? Its always fun being white washed but after a couple weeks everything gets cleared. Luckily from driving around town with dad all the time I learn to pick up directions quickly.
Have the ward members been helpful? They have helped a lot but its so huge that we still get lost. On the way back to capital we got lost trying to get to the house.
Have you tried out the Chinese restuarant Mattias was talking about?! Ya i had so lemon chicken. ITs pretty good but a little pricey. Actually a whole nice meal is less than 5 dollars but for me that is expensive now.
What is your apartment like? Its awesome. Its a third story. One of the nicer houses that I have ever been in. Its right next to the middle of town so its close to everything. I really like it.
What is it like to be a Zone leader? Its about the same except you have to make phone calls at night and do intercambios. WE havent done any yet but in this next week we should.
Are you liking it? As for now I cant really feel the difference. But its weird to think how much, when i first started in the mission, I looked up to the Zone leaders and thought tht they were so perfect and now I am it and realise its really nothing haha
I hope all is going well and that everyone is safe and happy. Always do whats right and we will be happy. Lots of time we spend so much time trying to find something that will make us happy but in reality being obediente to the commandments and doing the right and loving you family is the only true happiness. Love you all lots!
Elder Wilson

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  1. This looks like it will be a great area. Nothing beats a "I love mommy" written in the sand!