Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers' Day 2011

hey family!!!
Long time no talk. I loved talking to you all yesterday!!! Everyone sounded so good. Next time we talk will be in person in 6 months!!! I love you all so much.
I came to the conclusion, dad I am pretty sure spell check will fix it if its written wrong but I dont know how to use spell check, that are family is awesomely insane and that I am extremely grateful to have been born in such an amazing family!! you guys are all the best. We talked about bodily funciones and I got to perform a little. I forgot to tell mom happy mothers day. I kinda honestly forgot it was mothers day. I just remembered it was one of the days I got to call home. But long story much I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOMMY"!!!!! THANKS FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND DO FOR ME!! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!! I will see you soon with my red striped suit ;)
I am pretty blank since we just talked last night. Tuesday we went to ocoa. Its kinda cold up there. Its very pretty fun. All the missionaries up there are cool!!!
I love this work and love what I do and love taking the Restored Gospel to everyone and seeing the change that it makes in their life. God lives and He loves us. He is literally our Father in Heaven. He sent us His Son to give us the path that leads to eternal life. His Son is perfect. Our Savior. He loves us so much that we cant understand it completely but by serving others and keeping the commandments we can feel His love. I love Him and I love all you!
Elder Wilson

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