Monday, May 23, 2011

Bani 5.23.11 Camera Number Six

Hey Family how are you all doing?!?!

Im doing great. ANother great week her in Bani. It raineed like crazy on Friday so I got to use the cool rain suit that dad sent me awhile back!! My comp was embarrassed of it but it kept me dry so I cant complain :)
On Thursday a member from the mission presidency in Puerto Rico who was the institute teacher of Elder Negron got permission from Presidente Almonte to leave with us. Unfortunately we didnt have to many citas but he was such an amazing man!! He inspired me so much to share the gospel with everyone. He would stop and talk with everyone. Sometimes as a missionary you get in a routine but he def helped me get out of mine. After being with him for an afternoon I felt really refreshed and ready to go out and work!!! The best part was he took us out to dinner and for the first time in 18 months I had a steak!!! it wasnt like a normal steak but it was still amazing!!!! Def the highlight of the week.
Weve met a lot of people this week. We started teaching a family of cousins that live together and have shared with missionaries before. They were going to go to church on Sunday but because of the rain they didnt end up going. Dang it light when out and we had to walk to the other end of town to find another internet center. Life is good. Working hard not seeing so much success because we are in the rixher part of town but while we were contacting the other day we met a family. usually we dont sit down and share while contacting but being that they were a family and it was raining we decided to share with them. The guy had lived in the states for 13 years and loves it there and says that he believes that America became to be from God. We explained the story of the Book of Mormon and how the Americas is referred to as the Promised Land and how religious freedom started in America and that that was really important so that God could restore the gospel. He asked for a Book of Mormon and when we passed by the next day we had alread read a ton. It is hard because he works a lot but were hoping to catch him at home. When we left with the guy from Puerto Rico he made me remember that its important to ask to be able to have people be in our paths so that we can meet them so that night I prayed and the next day we met this family.
I honestly love the gospel and I am so grateful that I could be born in to a family that was part of the gospel. It is perfect. Those who live it will be happy. Hermano Saia from PR reminded me that. He is such a happy man. You can see it in his countanance. Its so true and real. I hope all those that dont know the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints atleast invite the missionaries over to share a message with them so that they can feel of the truth of our message.
I love you family so much. I miss you all like crazy but wouldnt change what I am doing!!! THanks for all you do and who you all are.
love you lots
Elder Wilson


Raisa Baez

Companion, Elder Negron

Limpia botas

Elderes Negron, Romero, Guzman, Elder Wilson, Zelasko, Barkow, Mendez, Berge, Baguley, Herreras

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