Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Hola Familia how you all doing?!?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!
I am doing great!! it was an amazing week!!! On Monday night we visited a lady that was baptized in 1980 when the church only had 1 year here and she has been inactive for about 20 years but we started visiting her this week and she and her daughters were going to go to church on Sunday but her brother was arrested so she had to go to the jail to try and get him out. But one of the daughters had her birthday this week and they invited us over for dinner. The night before the birthday we were over there sharing and the little girl, 11 yrs old, was whispering something in her moms ear and then left the house. When she had left the mom said that the girl had been saving her money for quite some time to buy something for her birthday but the little girl asked if she could go the the colmado (its like a little tiny ministore thingy) to buy a coke because she wanted to use her money to buy us a coke instead of buying herself a present for her birthday. I felt pretty guilty drinking the coke knowing that it was her birthday money but at the same time it was really sweet of an 11 year old girl to do something like that. Def made me feel selfish.
I was thinking about when we come back that with 10 days we could get everything done. It would be cool to have 2 sundays to go to 2 different church meetings.
On Tuesday we went to a members house that we had never visited before. THey were really awesome. A fun family it was really fun sharing with them. And they gave us food too.
Everyone Weds night there is an activity in the church. We usually play games and stuff but last weds I decided to make banana bread for everyopne. IT turned out really well and everyone was asking me for the recipe.
I got the package from dad. THat night we had a mt dew party and it was AMAZING!!! and ive been happy with my seeds too!!! THanks a bunch
On Friday I went on an intercambio with Elder Mendez. IT was really good. We had a fun time talking and sharing the gospel.
Today we went to palmar de ocoa again but with 4 other missionaries from the zone. It was a blast. It was really fun. THere is a couple that are members that live there and they cook lunch for us. IT was amazing. Rice beans and fish!!! IT was soo amazing!!! they are an awesome couple. sHe loves me so that makes it a lot funner :) I am def a brown noser with her. Elder Mendez and I went on a bike ride too. That was fun.
Did you have any new investigators? We found a new guy named manuel. He is about 80 years old but is an amazing man. We are going to visit him to night and try to put a batismal date with him.
How is your zone doing? THe zone is doing well. The last week of transfer this weeks so next week it will be a different zone.
Finally....did you get rechecked on your parasite???????? ummmmm no :)))) love you mommy hahah
Well I think thats all for this week!! I love you all soo much thanks for all you do and for who you all!! Love you lots
elder wilson

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