Monday, May 2, 2011

Dame todo!.... Except the backpack and scriptures....we'll return those later...

Hola familia how are you all doing!!!
I am doing great here in Bani. Loving life as a missionary!!!
So it was an adventful week!!! Monday was Pday and all and after we left the internet center we went to a few citas and then headed back to the house. On the way home we stopped by a small market to get some stuff for dinner. Then headed home. We turned the corner to the street of our house and we just walking normal. Right next to our apartment there is a medical clinic. Like a small hospital. As we were passing it, right next to the big gate to the apartment, in the corner of my eye I saw a motorcycle that was slowing down with 3 men on it. As it got right in front of us, the guy on the back jumped off. My first thought was hmmm thats weird that hes going to the clinic so late. He got right infront of me and I didnt think twice I kept walking and then he reached across into his pocket and pulled out a pistol and said dame todo (give me everything). With a pistol pointed to my head I said, tu puedes tener lo que tu quieras pero no tenemos nada. It was more like tu puede tener lo que tu quiera pero no tenemo na. The second guy on the bike got off and pulled out a big kitchen knife and started to search my pockets and told me to take off my backpack. I told him no because theres nothing he wants in there. Theres only scriptures but he reminded me he had a knife by showing me it and giving me a little smirk with his face so I decided that I would just give him want he wanted. They only took about 200 pesos from me. I had more hinding in my shirt pocket in my missionary hand book. My camera was in the bag so its gone. They also took the celular. From my comp they took about 1000 pesos or 27 dolars. They wouldnt have gotten much be he got scared and took out his handbook and gave them everything he had. The guy that was driving looked very familiar. I am pretty sure that he was in the internet center earlier that day and knew that I had my camera. He had a pitt pirates hat on. I am going to have to buy me one of those when i got home to remember him. We walked in our gate and it kinda sunk in what had happened and i was pissed. I kicked the three top ramon packets that I had just bought and I felt a lot better!!! ;)
The next day our bags were found in the other mormon church in Bani. They threw them over the fence. So atleast I got my scriptures!!! Apparently Bani is known for having a lot of muggers. My comp walks arouind like a wet scared cat at night now haha its kinda funny. Last night I made him walk down the same street agaain and I thought he was going to have a heart attack. hahah
I did find the 20 bucks you put in the other package. I opened the package upside down thats why I didnt find it and I found the letter from Jessie too. Thanks jessie.
On Tuesday we did an intercambio. I stayed in our area. The assistants from the Sur came over too and we had an intercambio with them. They are cool missionaries.
This week we met several great investigatores. Juana and Cándida are the best. they have amazing questions that lead into the gospel and I am sure that they will both progress a lot. We met Juana reading her Bible in a blow up pool and werent going to contact her cuz thats just a little awkward talking to a woman in a pool but we put a cita with her and tuesday we were running really let and was really tired and wouldve been really easy to not go but we ended up going and wow it was amazing. She was asking why theres no prophets and why people say that God has stopped communicated with his children here on the Earth. It was perfect to go into the Restaration (no clue how to spell it in english) Cándida went to church on Sunday. We had a cita with her on Tuesday but I couldnt find her house again and on Fri we walked by and she yelled out HEY YOU GUYS FORGOT TO PASS BY!!! We put a cita for Sat and the next day she went to church and loved it.
We had interviews with ^Pres. Mine was less than a minute. He was ready to be done haha.
I had written down as one of the things to talk to you about the scholarship to see what you had foudn out!!!! Thats soo awesome that it came through!!!! That is such an answer to prayers and shows that Heavenly Father provides for those that serve him!!! Thanks so much mom for working so diligently with that. Thats so awesome that the whole family will be in Tucson. I live with an Elder Mendez from Phoenix area and he plans to go to U of A too. Elder Price says he is kinda thinking about it too. IT will be awesome and put keato and kenny on top we will have a great gang. U OF A!!!!!!!!!
Tody we went to Ocoa to play softball. ITs very pretty up there!!! I hit four homeruns. Thats was fun. The Dominicans were saying wow this white boy must have played in the big leagues.
Ryan Hunts engaged?! THats pretty tight. Tell him congrats.
Thats about it from here. Love you soooo much all of you!!! Thanks for your love and support!! !know that I love you all sooooooooo much
elder wilson


  1. I can't beleive your boy got mugged!!!. Maybe after 5 cameras it's time for a sketch pad and pencil. Have a good day.

    Chris Neely

  2. Seth, you're the only one I know who would be so nonchalant and calm about being mugged. I'm glad you're ok!

  3. Crazy....When I was in Brazil they told us to put a small amount of money in our pocket for the muggers, and then hide the rest somewhere else (in your shoe). You may want to pass along the advice to Seth.