Monday, February 15, 2010

Staying in Sabana Yegua

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Hola familia

Another good week. We had the baptism of Santa this past weekend and she was totally scared of the water. I guess she has a phobia of water and she was like a cat that gets thrown into the water. She was terrified. When she was baptised she was so scared that she started kicking her feet so we had to do it over! It was a good experience! haha

What else happened this week, I must have looked cute or something this week because for some reason I got hit on by girls a lot. We invited some people to church and they said they would go if I kissed them. They were not serious about the going part but the girl was def serious about the kiss part!

We go on exchanges with a lady named Marcella.. She is really cool and we were teaching this one guy that was complaining about everything. After we left she said that he was a chick with a the private part of a man! It was hilarious!

The Webster´s are moving? That is sad :( I am going to miss them. Tell them that they have always been a great support and friend to me. And tell jace to stay away from girls!

Maren asked me in her letter if there were any good treats here. I do not think that they believe in treats. I am craving cookies and brownies! I do not know if I can survice for two years with out them! It is killing me. Oreos are the best thing I can find and I eat a ton of those! Also maren, we do our own laundry and I included the picture of it, roach and all!

We ate at a members home yesterday, she gave us so much food it was insane! She is super nice though. She said that I looked like an Elder that served there a while back and Elder Barrett said no way, the Elder was mexican and Wilson is white. She said I know, but they both are just always happy! That made me feel good. Atleast they can see that I am happy even if I can not talk the best!

What else happened this week, nothing to special this week. The high light was SAnta´s baptism and no really amazing stories from this week. We had to drop to really good investigators because they just do not quite understand the Apostacy. That is a bummer but maybe the next elders can help them.

I wont know for 6 more weeks if I am staying or going. I hope that I do get a Dominican. Would really help with Spanish ect.

- What kind of ingredients are easy to get besides beans and rice?
Rice and beans everyday for lunch
Can you get pasta noodles? Pasta noodles yes I can get those!
Have you tried cooking anything yet?!
I have not tried. Elder Barrett does not really want me to cook because he likes his food. For now I am not going to complain and take advantage of the cooking! I watch so that I can learn! I did make the rice the other day though!

My favorite food is platanos made by Marcella. She makes them really thin and crispy. They are amazing.
A guy is selling fruit by our house now so that is nice. I have been eating a ton of china... it is pretty much like an orange and a lot of pine apple too.

I haven´t taught a whole lesson by myself yet but spanish is coming a long a lot better. I realize that if I have confidence it comes a lot better. That is an important lesson!

I love the questions they help me to think of more to write. Meagan and Dustin´s baby is soooo adorable. Give her a kiss on the forehead for me. THanks for all your love and support I appreciate it a lot and I feel it everyday. I miss you all and love you all more than you know!
con amor
Elder Wilson


  1. We love the letters, and they have become the highlight of our family home evenings! We mailed a package to Seth the other day...hope it makes it! Seth if you need anything just mention what you want in a letter so we can try and help out. Yes, we are moving. It will be tough, but I think we are ready for our next adventure. There is also a good chance that we will be back someday. Keep up the good work!!


  2. Elder Wilson, dulce de leche is an excellent treat you can pick up in the most primitive of grocery stores. Emperadores were my favorite cookie sold in most colmados (corner stores). What else...maybe you can get an old lady in the branch to make you some arepa. It's like a juicy cake made out of corn meal. Also they make a pudding they call "maicena" which is just a brand name of corn starch. Using corn starch, eggs, sugar, and sometimes milk, they'll make a pudding over the stove that's pretty good. Come Easter, they'll make you a treat called Habichuelas con dulce. Think refried beans, except made with milk and sugar and with raisans and chunks of batata (sweet potato).