Monday, February 8, 2010

Sabana Yegua Pics and Stalking one's food

Here is a link to some pictures that he sent today! He did a great job of labeling them!

Hola familia!

I´m about to give on up the picture thing. EVerywhere I try it says that the files are wrong ect and only lets me download one at a time. Takes for ever and is really making me angry. I want it to work but it just is not doing so well! And we all know how well I do when little things do not work haha. Actually I might be figuring it out right now. We Will see

To answer questions first, I still haven´t gotten yoour receipes mom! I am sure they will come eventually. You never know with mail here. The problem isn´´t so much that you did not teach me how to cook but it is that there are no ingredients here! Thats the prob!

Spanish is coming around a little. I had an intercambio with our District leader on WEds. He came out here to SY so I had to show him around and I talked a lot that day and Spanish was going really well that day. That was a lot of fun. He was a really tight missionary and he had a lot in common so that was fun!

We had a baptism on Sat. His name is Papito. He is about 20 years old and he has been investigating the church for about 4 years but was really invovled with the catholic church and was a joven pastor ect but he decided it was time so we have been teaching him again for a couple weeks and he was baptized on Sat. It was a good baptism. One that is a potential missionary and would be a very good one.
Yesterday one of the recent Haitain converts decided that he was going to serve a mission. He still has to wait until he has one year of membership but that was fun to see him change from not wanting to go to all of a sudden really wanting to do it. He would be a solid missionary.

We have another investigator named Santa. She is about 65 years old. She has more faith than anyone I have ever met! She has a baptismal date for this Sat and we will see how that goes. We have to review a lot with her because she has a hard time remembering all the things we teach. She is a crack up. If we are ever having a rough day we go to Santas to lighten the mood. She always reads to her goats outloud iin the Book of Mormon! haha She is a hoot.

We had to drop our best investigator because she just does not feel ready to be baptized at this time. She says she knows it is true but she just does not want to be baptized. That is hard because she is not telling us why. She just says because. Hopefully we can get it out of her eventually.

Our other one that was supposed to be baptized, apparently she is a hooker and two days before the baptism we walked in her house and she was smoking. Her mom then later that night told us about her hooker problem. So ya, she didnt get baptized. It was pretty funny. I know that is horrible to say but I do not know just funny!

I have not gotten a ball yet. It cost 20 dollars for a ball that is rubber and is like the 2 dollar walmart ball. THe rama pres says the only place to buy a good one is in the Capital but it is not that big of a deal! I am not sure what the Maxpedition man purse is but I will take an man purse!

LAst monday as I was gettign out of the APs truck, because they gave us a ride, my pants ripped HUGE all down the crotch! I have a picture of it on my camera it was pretty intense but I had one of the Young Women in the rama sew it up because when I tried it was a failure!

The suitcase with extra supplies like deoderant ect is goig to be huge! Deoderant, tooth paste, ect and othe hygiene stuff here is really expensive. Everyone is jealous that I already have it all! Deoderant out here is like 8 bucks! and contact solution is like 20.

It is a good feeling to walk in the house and the thermoater says 90 degrees. 90 degrees and muggy haha but luckily it is not too bad with fans and stuff.

I had my 3 month anniversary this past week! We were in Azua for a DM and to celebrate we went to pico pollo which is like fried chicken fastfood run by Chinese people but I had 2 full plates to celebrate. IT was sooo much food!

Sat night we were starving so we stalked up on food for when we broke our fast on Sunday. I drank 2.6 liters of soda after fasting haha... it sure felt good!

Life here is good. I can not complain! Spanish is coming little by little. I just need to be patient. I still can not comprehend knowing it completely- kinda crazy!

I can not think of too much more! Glad to hear U of A is doing better!

Remember that God loves us and wants us to talk to him so that he can help us. He is always there for us! I miss you all and love you so much!

Con amor
Elder Wilson

First House in SY. No glass in windows; just bars

"Brand new" Internet Cafe in Sabana Yegua. Used it today Feb 8 2010

Elder Barret, Elder Wilson Papito Baptism

Road in area through spice fields

Chicken Feet

New apt in SY on second floor

fish lady



  1. Yeah for pictures of Setho! I think my favorite is the picture of the internet cafe! And we were wondering why he was having such a hard time sending pictures!

  2. I am so glad you sent these Seth! My favorite is of your little companeritos... they are so cute! and I like the one of you in your lucky scarf, of course. Thanks for including it :)

  3. Wow, an internet cafe in Sebana Yegua is big news. FYI stalking your food would be like how a cat stalks a mouse Stocking your food means building up your storage. Glad to see you're doing great.

  4. Yep, that's why "Stalking" was funny.