Monday, February 1, 2010

Kissing, Cousins, and a tough week.

Hola toda
This week was a bit rougher than others! But all is well. We had two baptisms on Sat. One of them was a Haitain and the other is an 11 year old from a part member home. It was a pretty cool deal. I wish I could get pictures to work cuz I have a bunch.

The highlights/funny stories of the week... We were talking to one of our investigators outside their house and we were talking about this crazy lady and I said she was crazy and a lady that happened to be walking by thought I was talking about her. Everyone started cracking up. It was pretty funny!

Elder Barrett let me teach the law of chasity to a 70 year old lady. That was def an experience and she didnt even know what half the stuff we arent supposed to do was. If you catch my drift.

Our Haitain baptism doesnt know spanish but she has two cousins that she lives with that know creol and spanish so they always translate for us. One of the days the cousins were not there so we ended up having to use a little 3 year old girl to translate for us and the whole time she was picking and eating her boogers haha it was def funny.
I got a letter from Dr. Weaver this week. He send it Dec 7th and it just came in this week. But I thought it was nice of him to write me. Tell him I said hi and that I appreciated his letter but you will have to tell him we dont ride bikes here so my bike doesnt have an umbrella and where I am at now it never rains so I am doing ok.
On Weds I went on an intercambio with the Zone Leader and spent the day in Azua. It was with a great elder named Elder Freckleton. He was really fun to be around. Small world, he actually knows Brindy´s cousin who I have talked to and hung out with several times.

The same lady that I taught the Law of Chasity to gave me a hug and then asked if I would kill her goats for her when shes ready to eat them. I am not sure if she is all there!

Then on sat a girl came out of nowhere and kissed me on the cheek. She snuck up from behind me and when I turned around to see who it was bammmmm. got hit. Oh well lol

I got like 4 Christmas cards this week. I do not really understand the mail. Some cards make it in 10 days and others in 8 weeks! I got Zane and Suzys card! Kinda weird to see Jeff in it! ha I miss ED! I wish I would have written more to him.

Haley officially wrote me and told me that she likes Devin. And that they are dating a lot. I figured I might as well write it here so she knows I am still gonna give her a hard time whenever I can! :) Love you Buns!

Ok Maren's question... remember Maren when I wanted to get colored handkerchiefs but you wouldnt let me?! FYI colored handkerschiefs are def in so there! But yes I used them. I do not really use them for boogers. I just pick my nose if I have boogers! Then I flick them. The culture here its ok to pick your nose. But gas is considered very inappropriate!

Still have running water in our showers so I am lucky! The locals bathe in the canal because it is easier to do that than to retrieve the water in buckets.

I got my first Dominican hair cut. It is sooo short. Number two on the sides with a three on top and its even trimmed like they do it with the pointed hair at the temple of the head.

(Deleted conversation about baby wipes here.)

I havent gotten fruit yet. I am not exactly sure how to clean them. You should ask gpa for me again! And the fish has some sort of chemical or something I guess that we are not supposed to eat!

I have not got the recipes yet so I am not sure if they have ingredients haha but its especially hard for us because there is no store so we have to plan pretty far in advance ingredients wise.

Meat is doable price--wise for special ocasions. Salame  is pretty cheap. We eat a lot of that. Still eat a lot of toast and grilled cheese. And Coke. I cook eggs now too.

Spanish is still not very good. I have a work book that I work with but we're pretty much on our own to make a study program. PMG has a section about it but not for Spanish specifically.

Pdays we go to Azua and play some sport sometimes and then shop for food then go back to SY and start up working again. I have only played ball twice. Kinda sad.

Havent heard about adoption in our area. I imagine it is cuz in his area  people are better off.

Greenie area depends. Usually 2 transfers with trainer and then the newbie stays in his area.. I am not sure about here because the area is really small but we will have to wait and see.

Some have tvs but light is on and off..most do not have phones and they kinda just sit there all day... some of the houses are given by gov and those are nicer but one area is tin houses with cardboard and pretty bad off.

No Dad I am not being patient with myself that is something I am trying to be better at this week! And ya I got Travis´s note and tell him thanks for it and I will have to be more patient.
Man purse is going well. I am going to have to get a new one soon. It is def falliing apart haha it is pretty ghetto.
Well that is my life in a nutshell for this week. I am grateful for your love and support. Tell Bro Brown I am grateful for his letters and his love and support too. Tell everyone hi and that I love them. I love you all sooo much

Elder Wilson

only in SY... woman breast feed while swinging on hammock and talking to the whole family and the elders at the same time!


  1. Ha ha! I got more "boob charlas" or lessons with breast feeding mothers in Azua then in the rest of my entire mission. I think it's country folk mostly.

    Funny you mention the "other bodily discharges." I found that a lot of Dominicans said that brushing your teeth in front of others was about the rudest thing you could do. And one Dominican Elder told me that brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink was like going to the bathroom (#2) on a plate and leaving it in the kitchen sink!

    Why do Dominican's have big nostrils? Because Dominican's have big fingers! (just joking on Elder Wilson's nose picking comment)

  2. Comment on only in SY do they breast feed on the hammock. Hahahahah Sorry, its not the only place they do that!! Have fun in your next area!!!!! Tommy's mom