Monday, January 25, 2010

Man Purse (Murse) and Mikayla Mae Hancock

Hola Familia

First things first...when Bishop Bishop was going through the interviews ect with me he told me that his son whore (sic) a bag that strapped over his should and was like a man purse while he was on his mission. i remember telling Bishop that I would never ever do that.... then i ran into the humid days with a backpack and realised it just wasnt going to work for two years... while we were moving a found a man bag and have been wearing it since. I def look like a loser but it is sooo much nicer.

I have heard about all the after shocks but have not felt them. you never know what to believe here though. One guy told us that the US was split in half because of the earthquake and that the DR was the only country saved. I think he had had a little too much to drink.

The food i am eating... Elder Barrett and I ate  chickens foot the other day. That was pretty intense but wasnt gross. I have some good pictures but still cant figure out how to send them. THe comp I am on now doesnt even have a USB inlet. Other things I have eaten are sweet rice, some rice with coconut and a meat that i have no clue what it was. I had to tell the lady I couldn´t finish it. It was way to strong of coconut tasting. I eat a lot of fritos...fried platanos. I really like those and a lot of rice and salami.. Rice and salami basically everyday!

we do not eat American stuff because at least where we are at there aren´t the right ingredients. I am sure it is diff in the capital but that is what makes cooking so hard. They just do not have the same ingredients as us. No Mom there is not sour cream and I am already craving it! MY cooking has been grilled cheese and toast. That´s about all I have tried, Elder Barrett likes to cook so I do not argue.

Ha Ha oh mother... Right now I sleep on a bed. In my area there arent many mesquitos so the net isnt neccessary. The new house has windows which is really nice because I can sleep through the night and not be woken up by the motorcycles.

I can look at my blog. I have not looked at the comments yet but I need to. Tell Heidi that I gave her letters to the APs so it should be good but there isnt pouch going back to the states anymore so I am not sure how they will write back!

My week...when we were moving we found an old pair of shoes. Elder Barrett said to put them out on the street and they will be gone in five min... 2 min later they were gone. All the kids are amazed by all the helicopters flying over. We must be on the route from SD to Haiti. I was wondering, did bro flake of bro peterson have to help out in Haiti?

On wed I had to give the Spiritual thought at District Meeting in Spanish. It actually went really well. Everyone said I did really well. Who knows haha

I now understand why people use the term clotheslined when someone runs into something with their head. I have run into so many clothes lines and gates it is horrible!

one of our investigators who is awesome is having a hard time deciding whether or not to be baptized because some of the members are one person in church and another at school. THis made me realise the importance of being an example. You never know who is watchin.

While i was changing the other day my arm got nailed by the ceiling fan. That really hurt!

Dad I forgot to say this last week but tell Uncle Mark that we def want to go hunting! We should go before I head up for school!

I got hugged by a 70 yo crazy lady- that was kinda awkward... when i send you a picture of her you will understand! her name is SAnta.

During Sac yesterday... this kid about 2 years old hurled everywhere when he choked on the bread! It was hilarious. I do not think I have ever seen a little kid throw up so much. ELder Barrett could barely keep his stomach down haha-

WE have lots of good investigators. We have 4 planned for baptism this sat. Hopefully they will go through. We will have to wait and see!

Sorry about the horrible typing. This comp is really old and takes about 5 seconds to catch up to what I wrote so that makes it a little bit harder to spell well!

I think that is about all from here! Keep asking questions! That makes writing a whole lot easier. Tell everyone that I love them and brag for me that I am an uncle now.

congradulations fud and dud. Everyday I was wondering if they had had the baby yet so it was nice to hear that they did! Love you all so much! Thanks for all your love and support!


elder (uncle) seth


  1. Guess the computer with no USP port must not have spell check either!?

  2. I don't know what kind of email you use, but I highly recommend Gmail that saves your emails every minute automatically. I lost so many letters from computers shutting down due to power outages or just crummy computers, especially while I was in Azua where power outages tend to be more frequent.

    BTW Congrats Grandpa and Grandma Wilson.

  3. Thanks, Matthias. The mission president had them switch from myldsmail to Gmail. maybe that's why.