Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1/1/10 Letter received in mail

(It sounds like Seth got pretty sick while in the MTC. After he wrote this letter they got him on antibiotics and he got better real quick. Thanks for all of your prayers on his behalf!)

Hola Madre Y Padre,
I wanted to write a quick note telling you I'm feeling a lot better. My letter yesterday was fairly short and not very informative. I was so out of it. I was a walking zombie. Starting Wed they made me go to my room and sleep. I was insanely sick. And yesterday I slept all day long except to email so I was pretty out of it. When I took a shower last night, I turned it all the way hot and when I got out, all the pressure in my head was gone and I felt amazing. No se porque pero I'm not going to question it and I'm just going to thank the Lord. I still have a cough and some congestion but I can live with those. No se but all is good here now. I'm super stoked to get out in the field. I totally can't wait. I'm a little nervous but am the same time ready. A new adventure awakes me and the Lord.

It's crazy how fast time is going! I can already tell how amazing these 2 yrs are going to be for the people I'm serving, our family, and me. I have a lot to work on but I have the opportunity to change. That's the beautiful part of the Gospel. Don't worry mom, I'll put the weight back on...

The other day, Elder Groll and I were talking, we decided that the worl would be a complete different if people had 3 things. 1. Patience 2. Selflessness (charity) and 3. Trust (faith). These are the attributes that would cure the world. Idk how you would add this 2 the blog but if you could it's something I will always remember. Elder Groll and have quite a few good talks. But anyway life is good here. I love you lots. Take care and know I love you.

Elder Wilson
AKA Sethie

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