Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1/5/10 Letter received in the mail

Hola Momma Y Papa!

Right now I am in a Chapel in Santo Domingo. We getting our new areas/fans ect. I do not know my exact area yet but its a ways away from the cuidad. (whoops accidently wrote city in Spanish). One of the Elders here say it is pretty hard core campo ther and that in order to get to my area I have to ride in the back of a truck 30 min down a dirty road! Yikes! So maybe I am a little bit anxious. I just shook the Presidents hand. He looked at me and said muy grande. Sabana Yegua is the name of my area I think. Not I think but I'm not sure if that's the name of the city or the area. I'm still new al all this. I'm super stoked. A little nervous but I can do anything :)! I'm feeling way better. It's awesome. No more time but I love you and take care!

Elder Wilson

AKA Dudey

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