Monday, March 1, 2010

New Companion Elder Espinola

Hola Familia.

Another Crazy week in Sabana Yegua. I had an intercambio on weds with the Zls and that was good. It was with Elder Gardner. I sent a picture of him. He is from Canada and on Thursday the Assistants called us to our house and told us that we were going to have a special transfer. Elder Barrett had to leave and I got a new companion. His name is Elder Espinola. He is a Dominican so it is a little difficult for us to talk. Spanish isnt coming so well. I have to be honest it is frustrating sometimes. Elder Espinola is a really hard worker and were already having a lot of success!

I received a package from home! It totally made my day and made me soo happy. I gave Elder Espinola one of the chapsticks and he did not know what to do with it! He did not know how to use chapstick! I thought that that was pretty funny. He now puts it on and says he is a girl everytime he does it! THe peanut butter will be amazing and all the speghetti packages are amazing because elder espinola only eats top ramon so I am fending for myself. I really like him though. We share everything and there is a ton of unity between us already so that is really nice! He is a really good kid!

I got the websters package! Thanks so much! I loved JAces letter. Soo jace. I am really gunna miss you guys!

I tried pig colon. It was not too bad actually. The members have been cooking a lot more for us and so that is really good.

I did get some new pants and they look pretty good! My other ones I am just really disappointed in!

Elder Allred is the kid that is in my Zone. He is from Lehi Utah. Man that kid just makes my week every week. I look forward to pdays just so I can see him! Again today he was like ya man we need to room together and we both want to be orthodontists too!

Havent gotten to close with any ward members yet because I am still not able to communicate completely!

Most people are catholics the others are evangelicos. The evangelicos dont really like the mormons very much so theyare always fun to talk too.

Right now I do not get many juices. Sabana Yegua doesnt have much but I think other places have more. I do not drink coke much anymore. I got tired of soda pretty quick.

All is going well here. THe Lord is always there for us we just have to be willing to see and accept His help. I have to remind myself of this sometimes. Especially with Spanish haha but I am grateful for all your love and support!

Elder Wilson


  1. Seth, sounds like your new companion is awesome! It will help with Spanish, I'm sure, living with a native. Don't get frustrated, you're there doing what God wants you to do. Just do your best, don't stress, and let Him do the rest. It'll come.

    By the way, I love how your thoughts run immediately from the Websters to pig colon.

    We're so proud of you, you've got a great attitude, keep it up!

  2. Seth,

    It is great to hear about your success, and even more important it is good to hear how you and your companion are approaching the work. You can never go wrong with hard work, service, and prayer. As it relates to companionships I offer this advice...D&C 38:27

    Keep the faith,
    Bro Webster