Monday, March 15, 2010

Blood and Barbed Wire!

Hola la familia mia!

How's everything going back home?! Life here is going good. Can not complain. This week was one of those weeks you just had to laugh and smile because everything went wrong! A lot of the members failed us and investigators too. Gas went out, scab on face, diahrrea, ect! But I loved iit.

- So is the Spanish coming along tons faster having a native companion to communicate with?
Having a spanish companion has helped me but I have to try to not get frustrated. I am a slow learner I decided. And some days I know a ton more than others! When I have intercombios I always know a lot more or maybe it is just because I can understand Americans when then talk. I am not sure.
Elder Espinola continues to be very patient with me. Poor kid. I do not know much and he always has to repeat himself. But we try to do our best. We talked about what he is going to do after the mission and he says he really doesnt know and that is scares him because there is not much to do. He hopes he can find work or go to school but says that he will worry about it when the time comes!

We had 3 baptisms sat. Really only 1 because the other ones were family of members that just hadnt been baptized. The one that we taught is Yaylina/Yerlina something liek that. She is Haitain and always happy! She got sick on sunday and was in the hospital so she didnt get confirmed yet!

Yes I have cooked some! I made the bread twice now! I love it! It is sooo good. And I use the packets that you and the websters sent me to make spaghetti. And we had gravy with yuka the other night and that was amazing!

Our baptism for 2 weeks ago, Jose, is soo solid. He has already given us 3 references and walks about in his white shirt and tie and shares the gospel with everyone. He says when his work (he sells stuff in the street) isnt going well he just goes and talks to people about the gospel.

The family that needs to get married is having troubles getting papers together but I still have hope for them! They have changed so much. Every lesson with them they just soak it all up! You can see the change in their countance and I absolutely love it!

Tuesday was horrible! Everything went wrong! I just had to laugh that day. We had three members planned to leave with us and every one of them cancelled on us. About half of our appointments werent there, We walkd from one end of town to the other about 7 times, i cut my forhead, and to make things worse I had horrible diahrrea when I got home! I think I sent pictures of my forehead but doesnt look too bad. It was worse! We were walking out of an appointment in the dark and and i was writing down our return appointment and WHAMMMM there was a gate and on top of the gate was barb wire. I got clothes lined by alambre de puas. It bled for ever!!! I am glad that I got my tetnus shot!

On Wed I had an intercambio with elder shoenhals. He is from michigan. It was so fun and so nice. We talked and talked and talked. I Prob way to much because we stayed up a little late but it was soo nice to just talk with someone. He is an awesome kid and has had a rough life but gets whats going on. He is from michigan. It was so fun and so nice. We talked and talked and talked. I have a new hobby. Hitch hiking! It costs us 80 pesos (2 dollars) to go to azua and back so me and elder espinola have decided to hitch hike. With Shoenhals we had to run after a guy and as he was driving we jumped in the back and had to roll into the bed of the truck! it was sooo funny.

Yesterday in church my first convert that waas a male, papito, he is 18, blessed the Sacrament so that was cool! Fun to see!

After church we went to cook lunch and the gas ran out! So we had to cook in the church. that was kinda fun!

Investigator of the week is Joselito. 18 yrs old and gangster. When we contacted him, he had long hair, ear rings, the whole deal. Last week he stopped wearing earrings and yesterday he told us he wants to cut his hair but wants a picture with it first and one after so that he can show people how much he has changed. Idk it is fun too see him change. I can not really understand him cuz he mumbles sooo much but Elder Espinola always fills me in afterward. He started teaching Joselitos aunt to and she wants to change and we promised her that her change can come through the gospel and she accepted a bapt date with Joselito! that was lots of fun!

The week has been good! I love you all lots. Sorry letters are always soo scattered!
I love you tons!
thanks for your love and support!

Thanks a ton to the Websters for sending me the package! Was way nice and nice to hear from you all! I am going to miss you all tons! Especially Jace!

Tell keato I want an email from him telling me where he is going!

Love you all

Elder Wilson

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  1. Awww, you're welcome Seth!! We have a couple other things to send, ha, ha, maybe they will make you laugh! We already miss you, and Jace's carpools to seminary are so not cool because the parents drive. (mustang is getting painted!!) Jace says "hi" and he'll miss you too. Jaxon also says hi!

    We still love reading the blog, and are so grateful for your good example to our kids. Keep up the good work and the good attitude!

    The Websters