Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Elder

Hola Family!

Ok so to start Elder Espinola is from San Franscico in the Santiago mission. About his family, his bro and sis are members but his mom is not. His dad was killed when he was three so he doesnt really know muhc about his dad. He has had a tough life and always has had to work to help his family out. Pretty humble kid. He eats chicken raw.

We are having a ton of sucess here. We put down 10 bautismals dates yesterday in sacrament meeting and we have fifteen with a date right now. We are working with one family. We contacted them and the first day the wife wasnt very receptive and all but a week and a half later she was balwing in the Sacrament meeting, after we had to explain to them that it didnt matter what they wore to church because they didnt want to go because they didnt have nice clothes and says she is 100 percent converted because of the book of mormon. She has already read basically through 1 ne and continues every day which is a ton of reading for her because she does not know how to read very well. But she is the first person that I have really seen a complete change of heart in and wow it is totally amazing! I love it. the 19th is their marriage and 20th their baptism and in one yr their sealing! It is soo awesome.

We had 3 baptisms on saturday and have 3 more this sat. Jose and Banesa were baptised on Sat and both of the m are older like 40s and will be very strong members in the church. I am sooo excited for them.

Pictures arent working again today but i have a bunch. Right now we are working in a neighborhood called San Fransciso. It is a VERY poor area. Tin houses with dirty roads and looks like you would imagine when you hear 3rd world country. And it has been raing the last couple days so we have been playing in the mud the last three days. It has been lots of fun and crazy. I was a nice break from the burning hot sun! There hasnt been much electricty this week and even less water/ I think i only showered like 3 times this week.

Our branch presidents wife had surgery in Azua so we visited her while we were there. It is really nice because elder Espinola is way into service. WE are always serving others. We always sit on the ground while we teach so the people we teach can sit in their chairs. I so wish the pictures would wokr. I have some good ones.

During one of our lessons a little boy came out and was eatign toothpaste. Idk but it made me really think about wow all that we take for granted. He was eating toothpaste. The weirdest thing here is that people just breast feed right in front of you. Almost everyday atleast twice in our lessons they are breast feeding!

Since there was no light my laundry sat in the little washing machine for like 3 days.... i went down when we finally had light and WOW it smelt horrid!

The biggest problem that we have now is that a lot of people do not know how to read. It is hard to teach someone about he B of M and other things when theey cant read but at the same time it is a blessing because they have to find someone else to read it for them and who ever reads it for them gets to learn to.

I am out of time and have to jet. So much to say but so little time. Thanks for all your prayers and lvoe I have really felt them this week! Know that I love you and that I am soo grateful for all you do for me. Elder Espinola nad I are working hard and time is flying. There arent enough hrs in the day to get everything done and its a good feeling to hit the pillow and not remember a second later! We are really going at in and loving every minute of it. I could not have aasked for a better companion and better teacher.

I love you all lots!

If i didnt answer a question remind me and I will do it next week!

Love you lots

Elder Wilson

Seth sent shout outs to: Kenny Liscum, Keato, Browns, Jesse, Brindy, Haley, Suzy, Ms Liscum, Ms. Catt, and Websters. He then added "I can't think of others and I'm out of time but tell them 'Hi' too."

Seth added that they are not getting regular mail on a weekly basis but he appreciates the letters!

Elder Keaton Brown... Seth guesses you'll go to Indonesia!

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