Monday, March 22, 2010

Luz on the loose

Wow..... 7 internet cafes no luz (light\electricity) 3 different tries to write this stinking letter so I hope that the luz stays for long enought to finish. Great day hahaha

Well things are going great here. The light and water has been horrible lately. We havent had hardly any. I took quite a few of bucket showers this week but I think I like them better because they arent as cold!

Not too much is new here. Weds we had our normal district meeting and we ate out like always. The restraunt that we ate at was amazin. I asked our Zone Lider if I was going to get sick and he told me that I wouldnt and I said if I do I am going to be mad at him. Well you already know the story. You arent supposed to date on tthe mission but I had a date that night with the bathroom! I had diahrrea 8 times during the night! It was horrible I fellt so skinny afterwards.

The pictures of Mikayla are so stinking cute! It was so nice to see the family! Everyone looks great! Not going to lie Maren, everyone is in love with you! All the missionaries think youre hot stuff! Especially Elder Espinola. He has a picture of you hanging on his desk! The brownies were amazing too! I ate them in 2 days (one and a half) and Elder Espinola liked it a bunch too.

Funny stories of the week. There are always people that are beating their kids. Thats just the culture here but it is especially funny when the old ladies do it to the little kids but this week I saw an ancietly old lady running down the street with a branch in her hand chasing a little toddle. I think you had to be there but it was sooo funny. We were in a lesson when it happened and all of us just started cracking up! She couldnt catch up to him!

Weds night we had a movie night in the chapel with all of our investigators. We watched the Restoration and it went really well! I think that they all thought it was good!

Friday was a weird day from the beggining. Our district leader came out to do a baptismal interview. He begged me to make the fry bread so we did it. Our investigator had to work in Azua that day so couldnt make it to the interview so we had to do an un planned intercambio. I stayed out with him again (Elder Shoenhals he is amazin!!!) and out of no where a bunch of Americans showed up at the basketball court by our house in a bus. We went to talk to them. Turns out that they are here from Oklahoma doing dramas about God. Their drama was really weird and crazy. We talked to them afterwards and they were nice but starting asking us what we were doing and after they found out we were Mormons they started being kinda of jerky and questioning our beliefs. Sure doesn´t make me miss americans! haha Then later in the day, we saw two motorcycles almost crash. That was really funny after the fact. And we were teaching a lesson and during the pray the guy just got up and started walking around. He came back in a couple minutes later with a comb and his shoes and told us to continue. It was a little bit different and then he got up later and walked around agina. He was a little bit different. After that there was a little kid on a runaway motorcycle. He was too small to stop it. Idk how it didnt crash but his dad was chasing after him and it was hilarious! LAter that night, during the interview, the family I told you about last week, the wife, showed up at the chapel and I talked too her for a long while. I asked how we can help her family and she said that her husband still just doesnt feel comfortable in chucçrch with out his clothes. his jeans and his only pair of shoes are covered in paint. I felt like I should give him a pair of my pants so I did and they were very grateful. Sunday came a long and he had to go to work and couldnt go to churhc. That means that if I get transfered out at the next transfer, I wont be able to see him get baptised. That made me really sad. The first time in the mission that I really felt sad for someone who didnt complete with the things they need to do to be read for baptism. Idk.... and while I was talking to her she asked me how much longer I have in SY and I told her its possible that I might leave in a week and a half. She got a little teary eyed and told me that she hoped Id stay because she doesnt want me to leave because she has become acostumed to me. That made me feel really good because I have always thought I had a connection with the family and its good that they feel they have one with me too. I think I will always remember the family Cabral. I really hope that they all get baptized soon. She told me that I have to return and visit their family someday.

WE had a baptism on saturday of a kid named Francisco. He has 18 years and has already comitted to serve a mission. He is going to be a great member. He is awesome. He is in the pictures.

Elder Espinolas brother returned to the mission this week so he is excited about that. I still love him to death and he aare still working amazing together! The scab on my forehead is gone and I didnt get any new ones this week.
I havent heard from Elder Barrett! I am not sure where I will watch conference. The pres here doesnt want us to watch it in Eng so it will be in spanish!
If I am still here in SY we will go with the ward to Azua in the district center and inbetween the sessions or after we will have a massive baptism for all the areas in Azua. That would be exciting to see. I will know next monday what my fate is. Elder Espinola and I both think that I am going to leave and he will stay but I hope I can stay too. I love it here and am just starting to feel like I know enough to kinda get to know the members. Spanish really came along this week! I really felt blessed! All is good here!

Love you all lots! Thanks for everything!


Elder Wilson

Look for fun pics later tonight.


  1. Do these two statements go together?

    1. I ate all the brownies in 1 1/2 days.
    2. I had diarrhea 8 times that night!

    Just sayin...

  2. Before you leave Azua, if you get the chance, go on an intercambio with the zone leaders (or to barrio La Colonia, that's where the zone leaders were when I was there) and get a chimi from La Mascara (also pronounced La Macara). They are different than chimis in the capital, but they are still super good and if I remember, they're pretty cheap. He had good jugos too.

  3. Matthias,
    We sent the message re: the chimis on to Seth.
    Thanks for the comments. Wish more people would chime in so he could read it in two years.

  4. That's neat to hear about the family you're working with (is their name Cabral?) I've never been on a mission, but I know it's amazing when you serve someone and come to love them so much. I hope if you are transferred you are able to find out about their progress. Those kinds of stories are fun to hear!

    But your sense of humor is questionable! Ha, ha! Child abuse, motorcycle accidents... You crack us up! We love the "funny stories of week" portion of your emails!

    Glad to hear the Spanish is coming along!

    The Websters