Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Steps

Hey You All!!! How are you all doing?! It was a solid week here in SY. It was a good week though. This week I was really blessed. Just goes to show the Lord tests us until were about to break and then blesses us!)

One of these days I will get my letters organized but for today good luck...

Got the package! You guys are awesome! Wow there is sooo stinking much candy! I am sooo stinking excited! Thanks a ton! That totally made my day! and week! I love my family so much! Elder Espinola loves his gifts and says thank you very much! It was fun because we wore our DBACKs shirts today while we helped move the Zone Liders! He was dancing in all his new clothes. Thanks a bunch for doing that for him! He really appreciates it and I do Too! Especially like having a hairless nose!

First of all I hate to say I ruined two more pairs of pants. The crotch of one of them ripped at least 6 inches...needless to say I walked back to the house with small steps. Just goes to show you shouldnt be playing around in the cemetery. the other was I was frying some eggs and dropped one and grease everwhere. I think I will still wear them.

Tuesday was a good day. We did some contacts in the morning. I met a 14 yr old girl that had been married for over a year. Then next house we saw a man kinda hurry out the back door. We talked to her for a little. And then we asked her if her husband was there and she said that he left at six that morning. Again needless to say, we didnt find any investigators in that street.

Later that day we help a poor family in the branch move. It was sooo sad everything was soo old and soo ya...It reminded me of cleaning out the shed by the rentals with grandpa. The put a sheet over their bed so people wouldnt see how bad their bed was. It was pretty sad but they were very grateful for our help.

Our washer broke. 3 days with the shirt I am wearing right now and and 5 with the pants. The assistants said that maybe by next week (not this week, next week as in 2 weeks) maybe they will have a new one for us! were going to die!

I had an intercambio on Weds. I went to Azua! It was the best Spanish day that I have ever had! I totally tricked everyone becasue they all thought I knew spanish. It was really fun. I was with Elder Estepan. He is a native and he loves bball and we have a lot in common so it was fun to talk. he is really good to help with spanish and teach me so that was really nice! It was a blast but wow I swear I only slept 2 hrs that night becuase Azua is so stinking hot and there wasnt light which means no fans which means death. I swear summer arrived here. This week has been stinking killer! Wow!

Hahaha we were in the house of the carbal family and we were getting ready to watch the video the Restauracion and and the little son said the prayer and it he said Heavenly Father thanks for this fruit that you have given me that is so sour that it hurts my teeth and the dad yelled "Muchacho" and slapped him on the head. I dont know maybe you had to be there but everyone was laughing like crazy!

Saturday morning we went on an adventure to find trees so that emilio (cabral) could build a little shack to sell fruit and food. They dont have any money at all. It is soo sad. He is desperate and so we hiked about 4 miles to the mountain and cut down trees with machetes. It was lots of fun. Until we had to carry them back the 4 miles. We almost died!

I feel really happy because the only happiness they have right now is the Gospel. But we were able to help them find this happiness! They love the Gospel and are holding on to their faith and have faith that they Lord will help them find a way to make ends meet.

tell KARLIE that I did too write her back but she most have not gotten it but I will send another one soon!

We got a call sat night while we were walking in the street. I always have the phone cuz elder espinola doesnt want it. When I answered it someone said soemthing and I didnt understand so I said the usual "ok" and that was that. Apparently I had agreed to teach the investigators class. It was horrible. I was not prepared. When you arent prepared in your own language you pull something out of your pocket but when you arent prepared and dont know the language wow=disaster! But after that I had to talk in Sacrament meeting. That talk went really well. Everyone said I did really good! that was lots of fun.

Sounds like everyone is doing great at home! ITs go to be lots of fun to have maren home! She was giving me a hard time that she took over my room but its ok as long as she doesnt ___________________! Whoops I forgot she told me not to put this in the letter but I figured shed be disappointed if I didnt! :)

I love you all lots. Remember that the Lord is always there. WE just have to choose to see and feel him! I love you all soo much! Our family is amazing! 13 more days mom! :)

love elder wilson

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  1. Doesn't Seth know that when your called to teach a class and you don't have a lesson prepared that you are supposed to play hangman using words from the scriptures? Isn't that what we learn in Primary.