Monday, April 5, 2010

Bed Wetter

Hola Familia!

Your letter was pretty insain and so our family! And sounds like maren is pretty busy up there! Sounds like the norm pinetop trip! Makes me miss pinetop a little! Sour cream....yikessss. I sure do miss you family! This week was good but still struggling a lot with Spanish. It is prettty discouraging at times. Dad was inspired to write me about patience because that is definently what I needed to hear. I actually got too see 3 sessions of conference but all of them were in spanish so I didnt get very much out of it. I am trying to listen to it now but the computer is soo slow. I think I am only going to be able to listen to one and I am going to listen to Pres Uch.
We have taught a lot this week with Joselito (the one that was baptized last week) and he is doing awesome. The people know him as "Che-lo" which is like his gangster name but now everytime anyone says that name he says that he doesnt know that person. Its really funny and kinda of corny but it is his way of changing andthats really cool!
The few things Id like to ask you to do, to print pictures here it costs more than 50 cents from every photo. If you could send with the package a copy for every baptism and one extra for Elder Espinola that would be awesome but I dont know if that is easy or not. If it is too hard that is totally understandable! THe other thing I was thinking would be cool is a cheap az shirt for elder Espinola! U of A pride! Others-juice packets like always. Any packets for food! and this is really random but idk if they are expensive or not so if the are def no but I am growing nose hairs like crazy so a nose hair trimmer haha, tweasers...
This week was good. We went to Marry the family Cabral and they were are dressed up and pretty but they didnt have their original identity so they could not do it! They were so sad:( It was horrible but were going to rtry and get it all together so that they can get married this week!
Thursday night it started pouring! It was actually a lot of fun! We were soaked when we got into the house! It was pretty insane!
The niext morning I woke up and my bed was really wet. I was thinking what happened here?! I freaked out and came to the conclusion that I had peed the bed so I ran down and threw my things in the washer! I came back up and was hoping Elder Espinola wouldnt see how wet the bed was. I flipped it over so he couldnt see and then I came back about 10 minutes later and it was still wet! I was like wow i peed alot and then Elder E came in with a pitcher and placed it on my bed and pointed to the roof....there was a leak... haha i laughed for a good 10 minutes about that one.
We had 3 baptisms this week. Milagro and her grand daughter and Jesus. Jesus showed up an hour and a half later aseverone was walking out and he asked us where everyone was going and acted like nothing was wrong so we all ran back in and he was baptized! Welcome to standard domincan time!
Yesterday we ate lunch the the family Cabral because on sat he told us that he couldnt go to conf because he lost his job and he had no food so we bought the food and ate with them so that they could go. They sure do love us haha we are helping them a lot and i love it.
That is about all for now
I love you all lots and think about you all and pray for you all lots!
Thanks for all your love and support!
Elder Wilson
Remember the importance of showing love... you never know who might just need a smile or a hug!
P.s. mom-i can buy bananas for banana bread!


  1. Maybe you can only get them in the capital, but I always LOVED the juice packets called JugoYa! I think they were 10 pesos each (maybe 15?) and made a liter or two. Ohhhh, the mango, fresa, and guanabana flavors are so gooooooood.... For sure you should be able to get them in Azua pueblo. They have cheaper juice packets too, but none as delicious as JugoYa!

  2. Also sometimes I would throw a packet of JugoYa! in the blender with ice and milk for a quick and delicious smoothie.

  3. Seth.... So glad you didn't wet the bed. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!

    Were you able to watch the Priesthood session of Conference? Bret told me about Elder Ronald A. Rasband's talk about missionary work, so I watched it. I thought it was pretty amazing how missionaries are assigned. It must really let you know you're in the right place... although I'm sure you didn't doubt it.

  4. The bed wetting story was too funny!

  5. I told my roommates about the bed-wetting story and they thought it was the most hilarious thing ever!!! Thanks for sharing your stories Seth!