Monday, April 19, 2010

Clotheslined.... Again

Hey Family!

How are you all doing?! Soudns like another great week in the wilson home with lots of advantures and stories that sounds about like the same when i left! Looks like Dad is preparing for his adventure in his normal VERY PREPATED manner tht unlike every one else i am not going to make fun of cause I know that one day I will need something that he has!

This week wasnt to eventful! Went pretty well! Miguelina was baptized which was amazing because I have really hoped that she w ould be able to do it. I was really sad when she didnt pass the first time! Also two other girls about 18 years old were baptized. There names are Dominga and Crucibel. They were references from Joselito.

Tuesday we had to go to to Azua because Paablo, our baptism from last week, was arrested. He was mistaken for someone else who had his same name but his mom was freaking out so we went to azua with her and truns out he was clean and they let him go but it was quite an advanture!

We were contacting one day and we went to this house and there was a wire over there gate and it was really low. When i ducted under it when we walked in I said to my self. . . i need to remember that when I leave or else I am going to walk into it...well you already know how the story ends. I forgot about the wire and was writing in my agenda and wammmm clotheslined my self sooo hard! It was def the hardest one so far.. jerked my whole head back. We laughed about that for a while!

When we went to the market there were some clothes that were being sold there and we were looking for some pants for pablo because he doesnt have any to go to school and as were were searching, there was a pair of pants that had deseret industries on it! That sure made me laugh hahathe rejects of deseret made the flea market.

Mom will like this one... I couldnt find any of my socks! They all disappeared and then I looked under my desk and there was a big ol pile of socks. there were 8 pairs sitting under there. Elder E laughed at that for awhile.

The president of the branch asked me to give a talk this next sunday on the missionary work! I am a little bit nervous for that one! Idk how well it will go but we will see what happens! I am a little bit nervous!

The area is giong good. We are trying to find new investigaters but for now we are striking out. I think we found one kid the will progress but its really sad becasue when we was born his parents didnt declare him so he doesnt have papers so he cant go to school or get a good job or anything. Hes 18 and doesnt have much hope for anything so I hope the gospel can help him.

We havent had time to wash lately so I am on my 3rd day with this shirt and Elder Espinola has 4 days with his! Just imagine. We Smell really good! haha

Not else is new. Just some rain this week. Which is always nice while its raining but later its always very humid!

I love you all very much! I cant wait to talk to my family in 20 more days! I love you all soooo much!


Elder Wilson

Sorry theres no good stories this week but nothing out of the ordinary happened!

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  1. Even if he doesn't wash his clothes at least he is making good use of the fan to dry off the sweat.