Monday, May 24, 2010

Franklin Escapes and Potter Gets Shocked

Elder Potter: Amateur Electrician

Miguelina's family in SY

Colmado Elders Espinola and Wilson Helped the Cabrals build

Santa and her goat in SY

New digs in Tamayo

Favorite family

Living tie tack

Franklin and the kid that sold him to Elder Goodmansen

Elder Wilks, Elder Allred, Me, Elder Groll, Elder Ward, Elder Peña- All from my group


W/ Elder Espinola after the Multi Zone Conf 05.21.10

Tamayo Church bldg

multi zone conf azua 05.21.2010

Hey Family How are you all doing. I am doing really well. Theres never a dull moment in the mission. I got another companion this week. His name is Elder Potter. He is from Tempe. He is so stinky funny and musically talented. He is a fun kid. On Tuesday we go a call from the assistants and they came and took my companion. They didnt really tell us what was going on so we were all in some confusion. I spent the day in Vincente Noble and spent the night there also. The next day we still didnt know what was going on but about 2 in the afternoon the assistants came again and had Elder Potter with them and told me he was my new companion. So we are pretty much completely lost in the area. But we will work with what we have.
On Friday we went to Azua for a conference of the south part of the mission. The mission is divided into 2 different parts. The capital and then the rest. They call it the south. So all the missionaries of the south went to azua. Thats where Elder Johnson took the picture. My comp is sitting next to me and then Elder Muse next to him and then his companion Elder Goodmansen.
I saw Elder Espinola at the conference. It was nice to see him. He told me that all of our converts are active in SY, even the one that was inactive for a little bit. His comp told me that he reads what I wrote in his journal every single day haha so I guess he is missing me too. He said that he got marens letter finally and that he already wrote her back. He is a good kid. It was fun talking to him.
It has been raining a lot more lately. It rained a ton yesterday. So much that a pool formed in the house above us and the only way to drain was right through our electric box. Idk how we didnt die but our kitchen is a lake right now. Then we lost power a couple of hours later. We climbed up stairs to find our wire laying in the puddle. It completely was fried. Elder Potter fixed it using the rubber execise bands they gave us in the mtc. Haha he only got shocked a couple of times.
The church is still struggling here. Only five people came to church yesterday. I got to give another talk. It is definently hard here. Everyone has heard of the missionaries a lot and doesnt what to share with us.
Questions from mom-
That is all for now. I love you lots. Thats for all your love and support.
Do you stay in Tamayo for p-day? Yes because the president made another rule this week that we cant do activities on p day anymore. YIKES We are going t odie.
Are there grocery stores, bank, etc there or do you have to go into another city again? Tamayo has about everything we need. So we dont have to g oto another city
Are you able to buy more food there? Fruits? Veggies? Yes and there is a street market every Thursday that has every kinda of fruit and veggies that youd ever want.
How about the out to eat places? You said you were hoping they had some fast food joints there? Well?.........tampoco. There arent much to eat here E ither. I am learning to cook a little more.
Have you eaten anything yummy yet? We got a pet snapping turtle and we were going to eat it. His name was franklin but he ran away last night.
How does the cooking work? Do you just take turns or what? For the most part elder potter cooks because he knows how and likes it but i always help him so i can learn so from him.
Is it deserty or greener there? Def greener and not as hot-
It sounds like it's the rainy season there. Are you enjoying that? Only the last two days it has rained but yes i am enjoying it but it makes a muddy mess.
Since you are only a "group" do the missionaries run the meetings? Yes we do everything Are there just a bunch of inactives or are there just no priesthood holders? There are millions of inactives that we have to work with to try to bring them back
How long has the area been opened? A little over a yr ago they re oponed it. Mathias says it was closed when he was there? Ya it was closed for a while. There are a million different reasons for why it closed.

Oh yeah? How many things did you accidently leave at SY? Just thinking of all the stuff Kenny left here or you left all over creation! Ha! NONE I BROUGHT EVERYTHING THANK YOU VERY MUCH ;)

Speaking of kenny, I think for now I think that I am going to go to the U of A. There is still a ton of time before I need to make a final decisión but if you could make sure that everything is still clear for there and keato kenny and I can live in the shack. I miss my mommy too much to move away again ;) haha

Love you lots and thanks for all you do

Elder Wilson

Seth is in the very middle about the third row from the back in Elder Johnson's picture that Seth speaks about at the Multi--zone Conference in Azua. His smile and the tone of the letter seem great to us even in hard times.

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  1. Crazy companions! Hopefully they took care of this last situation before it caused you too much stress and frustration.

    I think it will be a really good experience for you to "do everything" in the group there. You'll learn a lot, and be a great leader when you come back.

    We are still so proud of you and your amazing attitude! Sometimes its hard, but you don't ever seem to want to give up. Good for you!