Monday, May 17, 2010

Jack Sparrow and the Haunted House

Oh boy oh boy HAPPY BDAY MOMMY!!!

I dont know if I will have enough time to respond to every email from the family because the internet is taking long than i used to take in the bathroom when I didnt want to help with the dishes. We all know that that is a really long time!!!

Where to start. Mondays was goodbyes in Sabana Yegua. The Cabrals were really sad to see me go. Migdalia started to cry and that was really hard. Oh boy oh boy I miss SY sooo much. I learned a good lesson. Enjoy what you have while you have it.. I thought that was so ready to leave from there and know I would do anything to go back. But monday night we had to stay the night in Azua with the Zone leaders and we got up really early the next morning to catch the bus to barahona then letter we took a taxi to Tamayo.

From there I met basically all the members in the group. It is smaller than a branch and they call it a group. THere were 8 people in church yesterday. 3 relief society members and 5 kids. My companion likes the jack sparrow theory that rules are more a guidelines, suggestions so this tranfsfer might be a little interesting. We only had a lessons taught this week. I am def going to miss Elder Espinola.

Our house is soo ghetto haha i tried to put pictures up but the computer is sooo slow that I couldnt write and put them up at the same time so you will have to wait for next week. It is full of coch roaches and mice poop. The other day I awas about to dry myself with amy towel after I showered and i had a random thought that maybe i should shake out my towel, after i did, a huge cockroach flew out of it! Haha it is ddef a different house from the old one. IT has yellow and pink walls and a shandleleer that looks like something out of a haunted house... Thats exactly what it loooks like is a haunted house. I live with Elder Muse and Elder Goodmansen. Elder Muse and I are really tight and elder Goodmensen is fresh out in the field. HE is a army boy so he is definently keeping things tighty! ;)

I got a packet from the WEbsters. Thanks a bunch! I love them sooo much. I aalso got a letter from maren from over 3 and a half months ago with the pictures of mikayla. I also got a inviation to kylees wedding!

On thursday we had Zone conference. I saw elder allred so that was really fun. He is soo tight. We had to hitch hike all the way to neyba,. It is forever away! THAt was def a fun experience! Last night we had to come in early at 6 becasue everyone and there dogs were drinkin becasue itt was election night. This monring we had to clean the house until 4. THe president wants us to clean the house once a transfer for a whir a whole pday.

Not much else is new. Sorry the speellling is soo bad. I wreite and than about 2 minutes later the words appear.

THats about all from here. Tonight we have a FHE in the church (the house next store) so we have to go round some people up for that. I love you all so much and sorry that this letter isnt very good the computer doesnt work vvery well! so its kinda haerd...

love you all soo much and miss you all
take care this week and pray for me and all the missionaries!

always remember to enjoy what we have..

love you lots

Elder Wilson


  1. Wow! Tamayo! You're just getting the coolest areas. I don't think it was open while I was on my mission. Like many areas, it had been open at one time, but then closed due to lack of progress a smaller missionary force. The area of Barahona has the most beautiful spots in the west mission. Do you know if Enriquillo is open in Barahona? Also, I hear the Bahia de las Aguilas is the most beautiful spot on earth, and Lago Enriquillo I hear is cool too. Because travel is so tedious, you may only get to see one or two of those places, but snap alot of pictures when you do go.

    Don't worry about your maverick companion. Do what you can to keep the love between you two so that you can have the spirit when you do go out and teach. And remember that those mission "guidlines" as Jack Sparrow may call them empower you with the God's spirit. While it may seem that many missionaries let external forces dictate how they behave, you'll have to answer for your behavior. Remote campo areas can be very difficult, but they can also be very successful as you saw in Sabana Yegua.

  2. Matthias,
    Your counsel is spot on. Thanks for keeping up with Seth and thanks, especially, for the cool insights and great counsel!

  3. Seth,

    We are glad your package arrived safely, and thanks for sharing your experiences. You are right about enjoying what you have. With our family in a state of change (the recent passing of Alisa's father, my travels to and from school, our upcoming move to CA, etc) we have adopted the saying "Enjoy the Journey". It goes along with "Endure to the End", but trying to look at each trial as an opportunity for something new along the journey we are able to learn, grow, and find the small things more enjoyable.

    Don't forget to shake the towel!