Monday, May 3, 2010

Kids do the darndest things!

saluditos a todo!

hey yall I hope all is going well! This week was another good one! We didnt have to much success and had some people fail on us but hey it happens and we will keep going forward! B4 I forget you have to telll bro brown I have dotten his letters and love them and he is totally siilly and that I have a letter waiting for him I just have to go to the post office! I should be going their next monday... I think...

I am super excited to talk to my family this week! they havent said anything about it and elder espinola said that were on our own to do it and I think I am just calling when we are done for the day. 9 our time! 6 your time! I am super excited. If I havent called by 915 that means that I cant figure it out so just call the number I gave you!

Not much happened this week. WE had one baptism. It was the daughter of a different baptism we had. She wasnt prepared when we taught the family but later had a desire and we taught her. It was really cool to see her progression. We only are missing one more brother to complete the family. We also found a different family. The family quezada. They are soo awesome. THe dad is sooo crazy and is always leading the lessons. We taught them the law of chastiy( like everyone else they arent married) and after he asked us it that meant that they had to stop having relationships until that got married becasue he would do it because he would do anything to complete with God and we then taught him about agency and that choice was between him and his wife haha it was soo funny. Youd have to know him to think it was funny. They are a great family. Right now the wife has lots of doubts and we have left her a lot of promises. I like them a lot because they really give me their attention and try to understand what i am saying.

Man it feels like I am always saying the same thing over and over but still havent washed clothes much. THe dumb lady that lives down stairs still hasnt come back so we have had to carry water up and down the stairs to shower and wash. I decided I like bucket showers though vbecause they arent so cold. Every morning when I shower I have to scream when I first go under the shower head to distract my thoughts from the cold water! I do a little dance and run in place to keep my heart beating. I dont understand how the water is so cold if the temperature is soo hot.

I decided to read the ensign you sent me this week. It was SOO AMAZING. Basically every talk talked about keeping hope and working through trials and enjoying them. Idk it was amazing. Everyone should read it. It definently was very inspiring!

We were teaching a lesson this week and a lady was playing with her baby and in the middle of the lesson he just started peeing! Talk about power! we all had to jump out of our chairs to avoid the power sprayer! It was intense. Afterwards he gave a little giggle and went on to play in the dirt! He knew exactly what we was doing!

Of course I know Olivia Brown! She played bball and we had student council together. She is was tight. I think I knew she got baptized.

Saturday we took a little journy that turned into a life time! Wow we have an investigator that lives in las barreras. We were told it was only 30 mins away...8 hitch hike rides, 3 vans down a bumpy rocky road, and 8 hrs later we returned home! IT was sooo far! It was a little town with nothing in it. IT was against the mountains. I could see they beach from there off in the distance! The water looked sooo clear! Someday.... but it was a lot of fun. Definently something different.

Other than that not much knew here. IT was a good week! Flew by... I cant believe its already been 6 months! Wow. Spanish is still a struggle but I feel like I am learning. I still have sooo far to go but sometimes I feel like I am part of the convo. Other times I cant understand anything. The Branch pres said yesterday that we need to have faith in the Lord and not use our own knowledge. For me that applies to spanish. I cant even imagine kmnowing spanish but if I trust in the Lord it will be possible!

I love you all sooo much and cant wait to talk this Sunday! Know that i love you and keep the faith! SOrry there arent many good stories for this week! I should find out if I am getting transfered during the call this sunday!

love you

elder wilson

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  1. I'm liking the shack with the satelite dish picture. Based on the pig pictures I was waiting for a good we had ham for dinner story, but I guess a getting peed on during the lesson story would have topped it anyway. I'm sure the upcoming call will be great. Tell him Hi from us, and let him know he is in our prayers.