Monday, May 10, 2010


Hey yall! It was sooo great to talk to you all yesterday! I had absolutely a blast! You all are way to fun and silly! it was lots of fun to hear Mikalya and to talk about bodily functions like normal! I was definently on a high for a while after. As you already know I am getting transferred to Tamayo. My new companions name is Elder Torres. I dont know anything about him but tomorrow we will find out!
Before I forget! Happy anniversary fud and dud!
This week has been really good. We are trying really hard to find new people to teach. Right now we have two baptisms for this week and we are just waiting to find the papers for a family so that they can get married.
The adventure of the week was rounding up cows. We have done it twice now. there is this really old lady that has a bunch of cows so we go and round them up for her. it is nice to change things up a little and it really helps her out. i feel like a cowboy when i help her but we still need horses before we are real cowboys.
I forgot to tell you last night. Elder Espinola agrees with you when you all say that i asked a lot of questions. you all always say when i was little that i asked a lot of questions and i guess i still do ask a lot. he says that he hopes my next companion knows a lot of science so he can answer all my questions.
The story of the week for the websters would have to be the dead lady. We were asked to give a lady a blessing and when we went to her house she was had died 10 minutes before hand. Talk about awkward. All the family was mourning. Jokingly when we passed the house Elder Espinola say haha shes already dead (we didnt know where she lived) and we when asked someone where she lived they pointed to the house with the people mourning and said she died ten minutes earlier.
Well not too much to write because we talked a bunch last night. I cant believe its already been 6 months! And in 7 more we will get to talk again! Since I forgot last night, Happy late mothers day mommy! Love you all lots and I am so grateful for your love and support! Well talk next week from Tamayo!
Elder Wilson

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  1. I am touched that the story of the dead lady is for us! I do love to read your weekly emails, they always make me smile.

    You probably know that your family was sooo excited to talk to you!! I think especially your mom. I'm glad you were able to get though ok.

    Good luck in Tamayo and with your new companion!