Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Transfer...... Going to Los Alcarrizos with Elder Carruth

Hey Family how are you doing!?!?!

I am doing super duperly amazing!!! We got transfer calls last night and I am leaving!!! I am going to los alcarrizos and I will be with Elder Carruth.  I lived with him in San Juan way back when when he had a hard comp and I was district leader so we had lots of conversations and so we are pretty close.  He is a great kid and very obedient and a hard worker.  I couldnt ask for anything better.  I am excited to just go in there and work hard for 6 weeks!!

To be honest I was keeping track of all the things I wanted to write down for the letter this week.  I might of accidently left my agenda in one of the investigators house so I dont have that list with me!!! :) hahah but its all good because starting tomorrow it is a new agenda.  The last one!!! I cant beleive I am in my last transfer.  Now I am officially the oldest group of missionaries in the mission!!!

Last night we had a fireside in the church. I have to tell you all a story of what happened.  So here the church is three stories tall.  Sacrament Room is on the third floor.  There were a bunch of kids making rucus down stairs and being stupid so I went to yell at them and they started getting worse and started banging on the polls and making a ton of noise.  I look up the stair case and see 3 grown high priest running down the stairs.  The leader of the High Priest group is like 50 years old and he is sprinting down the stairs almost falling like 5 times and at the same time is taking off his belt.  He opeens the door and sprints after the kids whipping them with the belt as he goes!!! it was so funning.  I am thinking you would have to be here to think that it was funny but it is so dominican.  I love the culture here.  He was running pretty quick too!!1

I talked to Pres about coming back like you guys asked me to do.  He said that parents can even pcik their kids up but has to be planned out with time.  He said that he had never been told that you couldnt do it.  But he also said that the way we are doing it has nothing to do with the church and I wont be a missionary so theres noo problems with it.

I had a few more things that I wanted to share but I honestly cant remember what they were because I lost my agenda but I love you all soooo much.  I know that this gospel is real and true.  The scriptures are the iron rod that leads to the tree of life1!!! take advantage of them and make time for them!!! I love you alll sooo much!!!

Love Elder Wilson

Ps... i might have seen that the Dbacks clinched a playoff birth... youll have to keep me update on the them and tell Bishop Bishop to root extra hard for me!!


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  1. Hey Seth!

    So funny to call you that. It's Elder Garner... you're first ZL. Anyways, it was good to stumble upon this blog and relive some of the amazing moments in the mission and to hear about some of your experiences. I can't believe that you are in the last transfer of your mission that is crazy. Time flies. I can still remember being with you in Azua and learning so much with you. I hope you finish strong. Te amo mucho y sabes que ya tu fuiste mi hijo con Elder Betteridge ese tiguere. Dile que no sea tan tiguere. Cuidate mucho si recibes este mensaje en la mision. Si no, hablaremos despues. Ps. Estoy casado jajaja.

    Take care friend! Be good! Work hard! Pray a lot and remember who you serve!

    Tu lider de zona
    Eric Garner (You can still call me Elder if you want)