Monday, September 19, 2011

Preaching to the Choir

Hey Fam how are you all doing?!?!?
I am doing well another great week in the mission.  Sorry that I didnt respond to all of you but time is short today.  I love you all soo much.
This week was good.  We didnt find many new people to teach.  One day we lefty with the elders from the CCM and I was with one that was even taller than I am.  All their shirts are very white.  Its kinda funny!!! haha
We are teaching this girl named Berenice.  She is way cool she is 20 years old and is very interested in the chruch and already knows a lot about the Book of Mormon.  So basically on Sunday we had stake conference and we were looking all over for her and couldnt find her.  The actual conference was in a different chapel and was broadcasted to our chapel.  So when the choir got up to sing I looked and saw a girl that looked really familiar and I was like whoa!! thats berenice!! She was singing in the choir!!! She made a friend at churhc that lives close to her and that friend took her to sing in the choir.  I thought it was pretty cool.
Yesterday we taught quiet a few lessons.  After a whole week of basically not finding anyone, yesterday we met two people that had been praying for guidance to know which of all the churhces they should join.  That same week we contacted them so I am really excited to see how their progress goes. 

We are working hard and trying to find new people.  Members are the best tool!!! Do all you can to find references for the missionaries!!!
I love you all sooo much anbd thanks for who you are and all you do!!!

Love you lots!!
Sorry for the short letter but the good part is ill be able to explain it in person pretty soon!!! Love you soo much thanks for your letters and support!!!
maren and mugs and jake and dud sorry for not writing you but love you lots!!!
thanks for ur letters!!!

Elder Wilson

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