Monday, September 5, 2011

Primary Answers

Hola Familia
How are you all doing?  I am doing just amazing!!! Yanely went to church yesterday and is progressing.  She still hasn't felt that she has got an answer but I felt like we should leave her the newly released Joseph Smith video so that she could understand his story a little more.  I got to watch a part of it last Tuesday.  Sometimes we forget all the pioneers went through and how difficult it was for them.  It definitely strengthened my testimony as we watched it.
This week we worked hard.  We got lots done and are finding some new people.  We are also working with a family in the ward that def has some marriage problems.  Its kinda weird being a 20 year kid trying to give 40 year old people advice on how to get along.  Its just all selfishness.  If they could forgot trying to fix the other one and fix themselves first it would all work out.  Elder Price and I used to talked about that a lot.  Becoming the ideal person before demanding that someone else be it.
We had a conference with President on Friday.  It was amazing!!! I really enjoyed it.  He is such an inspired man!! It was with Elder Cornage too.  He is of the Area Presidency.  We learned about the importance of faith and what is faith.  How do we show faith and a lot of things like that.  I really liked it.  Faith is a CERTAINTY of things that are not sure.  A conviction that they are true.  We can better are faith by doing the simple primary answers.   Study scriptures, go to church, pray, and BE OBEDIENTE.
I love you all soo much and thanks for all you do!!! I will talk to you next week.
Elder Wilson
PS... go on missions.  Every young man needs to do it.  IT is sooo worth the price and God will truly guide your life as you serve a mission. It is our way to show him that we trust in Him because we put everything behind and he provides the experiences that we need and opens opportunities that wouldn't be possible if we were to do what we think is best for us.  love you all

There is a place called zona colonial that is supposed to be pretty cool to visit when we come back.  And another place called the conde or something like that.
What happened to bullseye??? haven't seen him for awhile?

PS.  Before I forget, next Monday I will be on early because our Pday is only going until 2 because on this weds, the 8th we are going to the temple so the President has asked that we work next Pday so that we can sacrifice a little of our time to be able to go to the temple.

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  1. Zona Colonial is an area with a few neat museums including Christopher Columbus's fort or something and a cathedral (oldest cathedral on the American Continent mind you). Our MTC president took us on a field trip there. The Conde is a street full of tourist type shops that are kind of neat. I was allowed to go there the last few days of my mission with another elder returning home. It's definitely worth a visit for trinkets and souvenirs. Also the Malecon is a neat place (the road along the water front) which extends through Elder Wilson's zone. There are areas along it that have stuff for sale like paintings.