Monday, October 24, 2011

Doing what I do

Que lo que???
Hey fam how you all doing!!! I am doing super well here in los alcs doing what I do!!!
This week was a great week.  We had interviews with President and he decided to give music back to the mission!!! So for the last two weeks of my mission it is permitted to listen to music!!!  The only problem is that no one has any music because it has been banned for so long!!! But its all good!!! The interview went well.  President Rodriguez really cares about every single missionary and is very inspired!! I love him so much he has definently helped me out and I am so grateful that I have had several months to work with him.  Put him and his family in your prayers.
This week the work has gone well.  We have taught a lot and have found some new people.  We really want to find a family.  President is focusing on families. 
Barbara is progressing well.  She couldnt go to church yesterday because all of her family was over.  She is soooo awesome and sooo loving.  She lives in such a humble house.  Basically made of tin and boards.  You will see it when you come.  
We also met another family.  They are a family of four.  Weve only taught the mom and daughter that is 21.  They have a lot of interest and it was cool because they actually are taking what we are teaaching to heart.  The other day I started to think and was thinking wow, anyone who sits down, listens to what we say, gives us their attention and then reads the brochure from the church will feel of the Spirit.   The message makes so much sense and is sooo strong.  The only problem is that a lot of times people dont realise the importances of what we are saying. THe message is perfect.  Share with EVERYONE that is possible. 
We are still teaching Yon.  He is the Haitain whose parents died in the Earthquake.  He told his boss that he could fire him if we wanted to but that he was going to quit working on Sundays to be able to go to church...  He is experiences a lot of trials but showing faith.  He cant wait to be baptised so that he can do visits with us. 
The work is going well.  I love what I do.  I would be lying if I said I wasnt super excited to see you all in 2 weeks but I still love what I do and the people I work with!!!
I love you all sooo much thanks for all you do and who you are..
I hope water came today so that I can take a shower.................hahah I love light and water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love you all much
elder wilson

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