Monday, October 17, 2011

The week fleeeeeeeew by.

Que lo que familia
Hey I am doing amazing.  Another amazing week.  This week fleeewwwwwwwwwwwwww by.  I cant believe how fast it went by.
It was successful week.  Yesterday we had good attendance in church.  Barbara went and several of the references from altemeo went to church also.  One named fran went.  He is a cool guy.  He is an iron worker and has a rough life but is trying to find God.  He got to know the gospel through his neighbor altemio.  He is so amazing and shares with everyone.  Not everyone accepts a cita but he at least tries to share with everyone.  I want to be like him when I get home!!!
We had an intercambio and I stayed in the Area with Elder Alvarez.  He is from my group and it was fun to work with him.  It was awesome teaching with someone else who is in his last transfer.  We talk with power and authority like it says in Alma 17.  He said it was awesome cuz it felt like we had been working together for months it was great.
One day when we were with Barbara we were sharing with her and she stopped us in the middle of the cita and said, Ive been thinking a lot about things while sharing with you guys.  I have felt my faith grow.  She then said.  Those that dont have faith are like sharing the gospel with a rock.  I thought it was kinda funny her comparison but then later I was thinking aboutt it and its true.  Those that dont have faith and choose not to believe will never know of the goodness of the gospel because they choose not to believe.  We all have our agency. She says that every night she prays for our family and told me to ask you guys to pray for her too.  She lives in a very humble house and very humble circumstances but is a very faithful woman.  She has a baptismal day for the 26 so if all goes well you will be able to see her baptism.
Pablito got baptised on Fri.  It was crazy.  In our chapel there was no water so we had to go to another one.  We spent the whole day trying to get everything arranged but everything turned out well.  The first time he didnt go down all the way so the second time altemio held him under for a good while. it was hilarious.  then they were trying to unplug the font and they couldnt get it so Pablito started diving down trying to unplug it.  I had to leave the room becuase i was dieing laughing.  It was a great service.
Yesterday I talked in church. I couldnt help but think tha the next time will probably be back at home.  It felt good to talk.  I talked about the promise of God and how he always completes his promises.  I love this Gospel.   I cant believe my time is almost done.  I love the work and helping people come to Christ.  I really do love the people of the Dominican Rep and they will be a part of me always.  Those of you who are out in the mision take advantage of every single day.  Choose to be obedient and to love those you work with.  Even when they call you bad names :) hahaha
I Love you all soo much and thanks for all you do and who you are.  DO whats right and expect blessings and guidance for our Loving Heavenly Father.
Elder Wilson

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