Monday, October 10, 2011

Working hard

HEY FAM how are you all doing??? I am doing great!! Loving life.  We played ball today for pday and that was fun!!! We tore it up.  Tell the elders that I am def down to play on Pday when I get home but theyll just have to know I am going to whoop them.  So all the candy has been eaten by us... gained 6 pounds from it.  That was cool. 
We have been working really hard this week.  We thought that we were going to have a lot of people at church on Sunday but they all failed us but thats ok they still have next week.  We met this pair that has more than 10 kids that are all fully grown and they all live close and they have a lot of interest so that is super exciting!!  They couldnt go to church because the mom got sick but they have a baptismal fecha for the 25 of Nov so if they keep progressing we could actually go to the BAPTISM (when we come back)!!!
Soooo basically I am doing well and the work is going well.  We are finding lots of people to teach and the members are amazing and giving us references.  They gave us one who has three kids but doesnt live with them and is down and is just trying find a purpose to his life.  He is amazing!!!
Sorry for the short letter!!! Everything is going amazing!! I love you all so much!!! 3 more letters!!!
Love Elder Wilson
Mom Tell (Aunt) Kim hi to (For) me!!!

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