Monday, October 3, 2011

God lives and loves us!

Hey Family how are you all doing!!! I am doing amazing. It was an amazing week with tons to do!!! We were super busy all day everyday so that was awesome. I am in an area where its easier to find people to teach so we've been teaching a lot more and I love that. They members here are awesome. I love them I feel like they have really accepted me quickly. It rained several times this week. One day it just started raining really hard while we were in a cita. It was a tiny house with a tin roof and a humble family that lives inside. There names are Angel and Argentina. We have taught them several times and hope to be able to get them to go to church next week. But as we were teaching I kinda just sat there and looked around and thought wow... this is a once in a life time experience. The rain was falling soo hard on the tin roof and water leaking on us and lightning striking everywhere. It was an awesome storm and I just sat there and said a little prayer in my head thanking my Heavenly Father for allowing me to serve a mission and share the gospel with everyone. Who would've thought that I would be in a random house in the middle of nowhere with a humble family sharing the gospel. A tear or two rolled down my cheek. I felt so happy and was reminded in that minute that God lives and He loves us and that His Restored Gospel will go through out the land to ALL people. I love what I do. There is a member here his name is a weirder name but he is one of the stronger members here. He was baptised 20 years ago and is a worker in the temple. He is super amazing. There is a kid that hes taken in as if it were his son and we are sharing with the kid. He is thirteen. We go over there a lot and share with the kid and with the family. The member is like 60 years old. After we shared one night he gave me the best compliment I have ever received. He told me that who knew that I would be a leader in my life. Both in the Church and in my family. He said that when I pray he feels that I really am talking to my Heavenly Father and that I bring the Spirit into the lesson. He said that he can feel the love that I have for the Gospel, for the people of the Dom Rep, and for the work and most importantly for the Lord. He said that he can see this love in my countenance. He then went on to say that he thinks ill be an apostle one day and I just laughed but told him thanks for the compliment. I know that we don't do everything to be recognized but it made me feel good that he could see all that in me. It def made all the sacrifices of the last two years worth it. On Friday we had to go to get a couple married. We left at 530 am and didn't end up getting back to the house til like 5 in the afternoon. It was def difficult but the Lord helped us get it done!!! That same lady got baptised yesterday before conference. She is amazing!!! They are a cool couple. They will def get sealed in another year. He was already a member and he baptised her after the wedding. As we were walking the streets one night this kid of 19 years called us over and asked us what we do. He said he wanted to change his life and be a follow of Christ. His family lives in Haiti and he is here trying to make some money but doesn't have any family here. He has a hard life but really has a desire to change. HE doesn't know how to read but decided to sign up for school and learn. He always puts an alarm on his phone to remind him of our citas and he says he just sits there anxiously looking down the road to see if we are coming. He went to conference yesterday. Along with 6 other investigators. The Bishop really helped us out and went to pick them up. I thought of Keato a lot in conference cuz it talked about Peru a couple of times and dad when they talked about Japan. ITs so cool to think were all doing the same thing it all parts of the world. I loved conference. So many great talks. I read in the Sep ensign about how we should prepare for conference and pray to find answers. I was thinking hmm.... what can I pray about. I am kinda in an awkward situation. One month left in the mission... dont know what real life at home will be like. Still have a month left so then I decided that I would pray to know what I should focus my last month of study on. There were sooo many talks on the importance of the Book of Mormon. I love elder callisters talk. Elder Eyringñs too.... i liked the one that talked about the importance of time management. I really want to work on that when I get home. Elder PAcker telling the youth to listen to paretns and leaders. Isecond that one. I love you all sooo much. Thanks for your love and support!! Keep it up and do whats right!!! Love you all Elder Wilson


  1. Seth, you know the compliment you were talking about? I totally agree! You probably don't remember this, but when you were in Primary and we had your 12 year old (or 11 year old?) interview, I told you a lot of the same things. You have always had a light in you that makes you stand out, and makes others look to you as an example. You have a sincere testimony, and a kind and obedient heart. These qualities have developed a lot since Primary, but they've always been there. I think you've got great things ahead of you. That's why I like ya!

  2. I never served in Los Alcs zone, but I heard that the stake there is amazing, like you describe. It was only a district with branches when I started my mission, but it became a stake at a conference with an apostle (Elder Scott maybe?) about half way through my mission. Only elders who had served in Los Alcs were allowed to attend so I didn't get to go.

    I did one time spend a P-Day in Villa Altagracia though. Have you had a chance to go up there yet? It's awesome. We had a multi-zone p-day up at a ranch up there owned by a member and played capture the flag in the jungle.

    Way to finish out the mission strong, Elder Seth!