Thursday, December 24, 2009

2009 Christmas Letter from Seth

Hey Family!

IT sounds like there is a lot going on at home. Very exciting and is fun to here about it! That is awesome that Jeff is home and you all got to see him. Give him a hug for me. He was my big brother I did not ever have (until Dustin came along ofcourse.) Tell him I know I never wrote him but he should write me! I do not know about mail here. I have only gotten 3 regular letters here and know of about 7 others that say they sent one and I haven't gotten them! I did get your package! :) Thank you so much. It is definently nice to get packages and stuff here. We put them all under our tree. Elder Dieker, Elder Groll, Elder Stephens and I made a Christmas tree and a chimney for Santa. It is pretty legite. We have a lot of pictures but on Sunday we were informed that we should not send pictures anymore. No se porque pero I will do what I am told with a smile. I will send them when I get out. Elder Groll just showed me that you wrote his mom and last week his mom said she saw his picture in my blog. He is an awesome kid. I have gotten pretty close with him and he is definently going to be a great missionary. We have lots of fun together.

My week in review, I already got bit by something that left a huge red spot on my leg. That was intense. I then got a pretty nasty cold and am just now getting over it. Basically out of the last 3 weeks I was sick 2 1/2 but it hasn't slowed me down at all. We didn't end up getting native companions. The other companionship in our room did move out though so Elder Dieker and I have the room to ourselves so we moved the bunk beds together and we both now have king-size beds. It is pretty awesome. I will have to send pictures of that later too.

The natives are amazing. They are so cool. They all like to joke aroudn with me a lot. They call me Elder Grande and Elder Grandito (not sure if spelled right.) There is one named Elder Cantreras. He and I have gotten pretty close. I am not so sure why but he really likes me and enjoys helping me learn Spanish. It is def a struggle to communicate but we manage to make our way through it most of the time. The people here are very generous. For ex, the other day I said I liked his tie. Later in the day he came up to me and just gave it to me. I tried to tell him no and that I was just saying it was a nice tie and he said that he knew thats what I meant but he wanted me to have it.

On Sunday I was leading the music and I walked up there and the song started and I was on the completely wrong page. I went to where the Hymn was in English not in Spanish so I was completely lost and looked like an idiot and everyone was laughing at me the rest of the day. It was pretty funny. Def one of those memories that explaining it over an email def does not describe the situation. It was hilarious. I had to run over to the PResident's wife and ask her what page it was. I was reminded later by my district that the hymn numbers are always posted up front. Oh well it was fun.

On Sunday night a local group of members that had formed a choir came and sang to us. They were amazing! It was really good. Then Monday night all the senior missionaries came over and sang carols to us for their FHE.

Tuesday we went to a park. Its called Olympic park of something like that. It is where the D.R. olympic teams practice. The national men softball team was practicing. They were wearing the jerseys that we bought of ebay so that was pretty cool.

We talked to this guy there for quite a while about the Gospel. It was very neat. He was really sick and had some soft of skin problems but we gave him a message of hope and peace.

Spanish is coming good, until a Dominican speaks. It is seriously like trying to watch a movie in fast forward. Or rewinding a tape. It is sooooo fast. But i will get it eventually!

Tell Bro Neely he needs to learn to like Taylor Swift.

I wish I could have been there to see Grandma sing and also to see Brother Nokleby play too!

I haven't heard from Keato yet. What is his status on putting his papers in?! I can not wait to here about that.

I only have two more minutes to finish this up. Looks like I didn't catch you on or your emails haven't come through yet. I want you all to know, as corny as it sounds this is probably the best Christmas yet. Hard but def the best because this Christmas I got the best gift ever. I have been given the gift to be able to realise how great of a family I have. I have the best family in the world and I took that for granid (Spelling?). You all have always been there for me and have shown your love for methrough all of my mistkakes. This Christmas has been awesome. I really do love you all very much. I love hearing from you every week and each week my realization of what I have grows more and more. I am sorry for being so ungrateful but I hope you will know that I realize now how blessed I am to have a family like you all. I love you all sooo much and hope you have the bestest Christmas ever. THanks for your love and support.

Love your little boy and brother,

Elder Wilson

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  1. I just wanted to mention for the record's sake that we got this letter on Christmas Eve as Mom and Dad, Meagan, Dustin, and I were waiting anxiously hoping we'd be able to catch Seth during his computer time. I don't think that he could have written anything that would have meant more to us. Mom was SOOO full of joy! And we felt so much love for him. The letter and Seth's example really were my favorite Christmas gifts.