Thursday, December 3, 2009

2009.12.03 Elder Wilson Letter CCM Santo Domingo

Hey Family!

How is everyone doing?! Life here is great! I absolutely love it! Once I caught up on sleep a little bit everything has been amazing. I do not know how else to say it! I love it soooo much. I don't know where to start...

We will start with getting here. We got in at 3 am and unpacked and all then got up at 7 and had a sleepy Thanksgiving Day. We had a very American dinner. Turkey, mash potatoes, ect.

The food here is amazing! It is rice and beans every single day! It actually really good. I lvoe rice now you just have to throw some beans on top and it moistens it up and makes it way more do able. Each lunch has chicken and rice with it. Dinner is a smaller meal that is usually meat and rice again. Sometimes we will have something a little difference like pasta or something like that. Breakfast is always the same: Cereal with warm powered milk and oatmeal. Every meal has bread, bananas, and juice with it. It is amazing.

We already got to use our flashlights. The power went our at about 2 in the afternoon and didnt come back on until 7 ish. It was intense. Humitity with 10 guys in a small room was pretty smelly.

There are a ton of langauges going through here. Sacrament meetings hymns are a train wreck! People from Guayana sing in Eng, we try to sing in Spanish and the Haitian missionaries sing in French.

The Haitians get their own paragraph in my letter, THEY ARE HILARIOUS! So loud and crazy but it makes it so much fun. Its helped me realise how you can be very happy without having very much. They literally have nothing yet they are the happiest people I have ever met. I have thought alot about this and feel very ingrateful.

The Dominican people are awesome too. They are all sooooo nice and receptive. We went to the university to on Tues and it was awesome but horrible! I could not understand anything! They all talk so fast! A group of girls called us over and had a question for us, we explained to them we don't know much Spanish but they tried real hard to explain what they were saying. I used my favorite line on them like 5 times, "Mas despacio, por favor" (not sure if I spelled it right but means much slower please) They thought it was sooooo funny when I would say that. But anyway, we never could get their question and when I got back I looked up one of the words they wrote down.... Then it all clicked... They were asking us if we were allowed to use birth control! hahahaha Our district laughed for about ten minutes about that it was so funny.

Gym here is a small room with a ping pong table and 3 fusball tables. So most days we go outside and play basketball. The humity is intense! Gym times means hardcore sweat time. Its fun though. The Haitians and Guayanans do not believe in fouls though so I get pretty banged up! It is very humid but do able and I like it.

Two of my teachers served with Tallen in the Santiago mission and they both said that he was an AMAZING missionary. That was fun to talk to them about that. All classes are in complete Spanish so if anyone talks about the gospel I can understand but casual talk is still coming.

I am officially the fastest banana eater here. I got under 6 seconds last time I tried.

Last night at dinner the sister missionaries (3 in the whole place) sat next to me and I started to sweat. Def not used to sitting by girls already.

My companion is awesome. He is from Colorado. Elder Dieker!

The CCM is basically a small hotel. It is def crammed but fun. My district is good and strong. I can not think of too much else right now but write me if there is anything else you want to know.

Thanks for everthing so much.

I realise more and more each day how much I am blessed and that the Lord loves us all.

Thanks for all you do for me.

I love you all lots

Love Elder Wilson


  1. :)! Def = very? I'm def old, and out of touch, I guess!

  2. Wait til summer humidity. Bananas taste so good when ripened naturally...