Thursday, December 31, 2009

Short and Sick

Hey family how is it going?!

Sounds like it was a good Christmas for all you back home. That is good! Christmas here was good. We had a musical fireside on Thursday night and then Christams morning all our district came into my room and had Christmas. That was fun. The senior missionaries spoiled us. They made us breakfast for Christmas morning and had a gift for all of us.

We had KFC for lunch and Papa Johns for dinner. Suprisingly enough, the first american food I have had in a month gave me my first experience with the Big D. That wasn't fun. I lost 5 pounds in 24 hours. I didn't sleep much this week because I have had a nasty cough. I do not know why I keep getting sick. It is driving me crazy. Yesterday I started getting a massive headache that has turned into a sinus infection like the one I had when I thought I was going to die when I was little. Basically the whole time I have been here I have been somewhat sick. I keep hoping and praying that I will get better. I have lost over 15 pounds and weigh under 200 for the first time in forever. So keep your prayers coming for me.

It is a bummer that keato's card hasn't come through. I think that's happening with all my cards because I still haven't gotten any. I am thinking that they may all be at the President's house if they sent it through pouch but I do not know. There was an Elder today that got like 20 cards that randomly all made it here at the same time. I do not know how it all works here.

I can not believe that I am actually going out to the field. I go on Tuesday. It's pretty crazy. I feel so ready but at the same time I feel so unprepared with Spanish.

I think it is totally fun that you got google earth ready Dad. That will be fun to tell you where I am at. I am super excited.

I am sorry it is so short but they have us on a tight schedule!

Love you all lots,

Elder Wilson

(Note: The sinus infection he is referring to is when he was in elementary school they called and told me he needed to be picked up at school because he had a severe headache. When we were on the way to urgent care he was crying and hurting so bad ... he looked up at me and asked if he was going to die. Poor kid! We took him to urgent care and they sent us on to the emergency room, where after several hours and a CT scan they found he had pan-sinusitis which they said meant every one of his sinus cavities was infected. I hope that they get it treated soon and that he gets feeling better before they send him out next week. Keep him in your prayers!- Jill)


  1. Imodium was my best friend in the DR. It didn't really solve the problem, but it at least put a plug in it so I could continue working.

  2. Funny that you've lost so much weight in the MTC. When I was ready to hit the field, in November, I had gained 25 pounds, then I lost it all and then some in my first area when I was the sickest I had been in my life in my first area. Maybe you're getting all your sickness out before you get into the field. Good luck with your first area!

    (I'm typing these comments as though Elder Wilson reads his own blog, even though he probably doesn't. I guess I should write him these comments...)

  3. Matthias- we have heard he can check the blog. (That is per another Elder's comment on his blog; not from Seth or the Pres.) Comment away.