Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life in the Santo Domingo CCM

Hey family!

How are things going at home?! It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. It is nice to get letters from you all.

First things first, Maren: Tell Luke I am not afraid to go to jail while in the DR.

Can you sometime send my Priesthood lineage

To answer your questions: Mom

-Dishes here in the kitchen are made in China... not to authentic.

My typical schedule is

breakfast 7am.
Personal study 730-830
Comp study 830-930
Class til 1230
Class 130-4
Gym 4-5
Dinner 515
Class 6-930
Back to room and journal ect.

Thats the typical day and on Tues throw in going to the university.

None of the sisters her played at Dixie so she most be somewhere else.

On a sad/bad note. Tues night Elder Brumwell knocked on my door and asked if I could talk to him for a coupole minutes. I went to his room and when I walked in all his suitcases were out and he was packing. He said that he was just informed that they were sending him home. They told him he could come back in 6 months but we will see how that goes. I did not really know what to do so I broke down and gave him a hug. It was really hard for me because he had progressed so much. He really did become a best friend in the 3 weeks of working together. It was really hard and I had trouble sleeping that night.

On a lighter note, it has started to rain here. The last several days its rained. When you walk outside while its raining it is sooo intensely humified.

We couldnt go to the university on Tues because of the rain so we went yesterday instead. We talked to lots of people and gave a Book of Mormon to a girl. To answer dads question about how Spanish is going, the girl after we taught her said in English "You guys really need to work on your Spanish" Haha it was really funny. We thought we did fine but obviously not.

Theres been a cough/cold going through the CCM. I have been chosen to carry it with me. I have been sick for 8 days now but its been ok because I still have lots of energy. The only bad part is I cough all night.

The power has gone out 5 times now so I have gotten to use my light a lot. Sunday night some of us went outside to watch the Temple lights turn back on. That was pretty neat.

Tues morning we all piled into 2 buses and went to the store. The traffic here is insane. I can see why we do not have cars or bikes now. We bought a lot of soda and candy and shampoo ect. It was quite the experience. The people talk soooooo fast its sooooo hard to understand.

Mom you will be proud, I already ruined a pair of pants. I guess I dried them to hot. It burned a whole through the behind. Oh well live and learn!

Kim- Snicker Doodles are my favorite so if my favorite aunt loves me...........

About the address I do not think it matters because I got a letter last Thursday and it didnt have the extra line and it made it here fine so I do not think it is much of a problem.

That is funny about Richard. I do not know if I already told you but he was in my old zone in Provo so I know all those people that are going with him on his mission.

That is about all I know new from here. It is pretty much the same. I really like the pictures Dad thanks a bunch for those. Spanish is coming but that is a relative term. I still really enjoy it here. Everyone is super nice and friendly and helpful. I can not wait until I can communicate with them and tell them about the gospel.

I love you all very much and I am grateful to have such a great family. I hope all continue to go well there and thanks for your prayers.

Love Elder Wilson

if theres anything I forgot or you need to know urgently I get to check it again later today so let me know

Love you lots!

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