Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17, 2009...My week in review...

Hola Familia!

Before I forget, you have to give Kenny a hard time for me. I have written him two times since I got his first letter! Once in Provo and once here! I do not know why he hasn't gotten them. I am not exactly sure if mail is reliable or not. I got a letter from Maren and one from Rae. That was pretty cool because I had just written for her address and then I got a letter from her! I also got Package from Fud and Dud and one from Vicki! See's chocolate. It was amazing. :) Do not worry Meagan, I wont open til Christmas. P.S. Meagans pictures through word document worked. She is very um..........plump! haha Thanks all who sent things :) I still have not gotten the one from you guys yet but I am sure it will come. My companion got a letter today from the 1st of December so it looks like sometimes it takes awhile.

My week in review, I got my hair cut again on Thursday. It looks pretty bad but everytime I go outside I am very grateful. Friday night we heard a bunch of noises outside and we thought we were under attack. Sounded exactly like gunshots but it kept going for over a minute so I opened the window and looked outside and there was a firework show! Right outside the CCM. Apparently a Dominican women one something equivalent to American Idol for latinos so they had a firework show. I watched it for awhile. Pretty impressive fireworks but my neck was sore from squeezing my head out the tiny opening.

On Sat we celebrated 12-12 at 12:12:12 p.m. in our district. I am proud to say I was the one who noticed it. Unfortunately on Mon we forgot to celebrate 12-14 at 16:18:20. It was during gym time and we forgot.

You will have to tell Jess to tell Heidi Oliver that Heidi's trainer is one of my teachers here. Hermana Lebron. She is now pregnant with her first kid. That is pretty cool and another teacher, Hermana Parra served with her as well.

Before I forget, HAPPY BDAY Dad. The big 50 ehhh?! Wow that is pretty old. Sorry but it is. Good thing you will be a grandpa soon so you can fit your age :). Just kidding but had to give you a hard time so you would know I am still your son.

We watched a fireside from Elder Perry on Sunday and it talked about the Doctrine and Covenants. He said that we should treasure the D&C more than anything in the world. I never really thought about that before. It make me start to study it more. It was really good.Bad news for Mom, we can not call on Christmas. No se porque pero no puedo. I am guessing it is because there are too many missioneries. As I write, the native missioneries are in their orientation. The other missionaries in our room moved out which means we will most likely get to room with some natives! That would be sooo helpful and amazing!

One of my teachers, Hermano Ramirez is amazing. I do not know if I already told you about him but her is my hero. He is a quite man with few words but he is one of those people that when he talks you know you need to listen. Always something profound and strong. He is unbelievable. He had cancer and after 3 surgeries, 20 full body examinations, kimo and radiation theorpy, and faith he was able to be cancer free. I do not know how to explain it but he is just completely amazing! He is the one he really pushes attitude is everything.

I finally decided to quit being stubborn and eat cereal with milk instead of dry. Let's just say it's growing on me. Maybe eventually I wont have to plug my noise as I eat.

Tuesday that Haitians and the missionaries from Guayana left. We got to take a group picture before they left so I will try and send those a little later. The kitchen is sooo quiet now that the Haitains are gone. They were the best.

It rained a lot last week and the beginning of this week. Feels like a sauna when you walk outside after the rain. It is amazing how much you sweat. I can not even imagine how much I will sweat when I finally get out and am outside everyday.

Tues we went to the university. It was pretty quiet because school is out. We talked to one guy for quiet awhile and it was very good. He had a lot of questions and we were able to communicate with him pretty well.

Today we went to the temple. That was good. We have a service project every bday. I do not know what we are going to do. Maybe go to the university and pick up trash. That is a never ending job!

Not much is new here in the CCM. Crazy to think I am going to be out in the field in 2 1/2 weeks. We leave here the 5th in the morning.Sounds like everything is good back home. It is weird to think it is Christmas time and everyone is home! It feels like the middle of summer here! Not Christmas ish at all! You will have to tell me how Christmas goes and how it is having Maren back for the Holidays. Question her a lot about her boy for me.

I have been blessed a lot out here. It is a very good experience. Little by little I find more and more out about the Gospel, our Savior, faith, and myself. It is very awesome.

You will have to tell Bryce and Jeff hi for me. They were great examples to me and I miss them but we will have lots to catch up on!

I love you all very much and hope all is well! If I forgot anything let me know!

LoveElder Wilson

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